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(History) Black Metal
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Black metal started in the early '80s. During the 1980s, several thrash metal bands formed a prototype for black metal. This so-called "first wave" included bands such as Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. The Norwegian scene quickly grew and was plagued by church burnings and murders in the early '90s, "second wave", spearheaded by Norwegian bands such as Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal and Emperor. The music of the early Norwegian black metal scene became a distinct genre.. The genre spread across Europe and into North America. Many black metal bands wear corpse paint and stage outfits that make them look evil or threatening.

Musical Style
Early black metal was raw and very poorly produced, with blast beat drumming and distorted guitars. The production value improved, but the rawness was still a hallmark of the first wave of black metal. Today's "second wave" bands are more melodic and symphonic with a lot of keyboards, but still very extreme and uncommercial. Image is just is important as musical style in this genre.

Black Metal Vocal Style
Mostly high pitched rasps and guttural growls that are completely intelligible. If you look at the lyrics sheets many have pagan or satanic themes. Many vocalist try to sound like a demon or something straight out of hell.

Venom formed in England in the late '70s and consisted of Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon. Their debut album Welcome To Hell was released in 1981 and followed a year later by the album that gave the genre its name, Black Metal.

The Norwegian band is famous because of their music, and infamous because of everything else that went on around them. Vocalist Dead committed suicide and Euronymous was stabbed to death by fellow band member Count Grishnackh. Formed in 1984, they were at the forefront of the increasingly popularity of black metal in Norway.

Stylistic divisions
-Symphonic black metal is a style of black metal that uses symphonic and orchestral elements. This may include the usage of instruments found in symphony orchestras (piano, violin, cello, flute and keyboards), 'clean' or operatic vocals and guitars with less distortion.

-Viking metal is a style combining the Nordic black metal style with Nordic folk music and mythology. Viking metal often has a harsh black metal sound, which may be "augmented by sorrowful keyboard melodies". Vocals are typically a mixture of high-pitched shrieks and 'clean' choral singing. However, the term 'Viking metal' may also be loosely used to describe any black metal band that incorporates Viking elements or themes in their style, lyrics, appearance or performances. The origin of Viking metal can be traced to albums like Blood Fire Death (1988) and Hammerheart (1990) by the Swedish band Bathory.

-Pagan metal fuses black or folk metal influences with pre-Christian traditions. The Norwegian band In the Woods... was one of the first bands commonly viewed as pagan metal. In the mid 1990s, Irish bands such as Cruachan and Primordial began to combine black metal with Irish folk music.

-Blackened death metal is a style that combines death metal and black metal. Examples of blackened death metal bands are Belphegor, Behemoth, Akercocke, and Sacramentum.

-Black/doom, also known as blackened doom, is a style that combines doom metal and black metal. Examples of blackened doom bands include Forgotten Tomb and Woods of Ypres.

-War metal, also known as war black metal, is an aggressive and chaotic black metal style, described by Rock Hard journalist Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann as "rabid" and "hammering",influenced by first wave bands like Bathory, Venom, Possessed and Sodom as well as by old grindcore,
black and death metal bands like Repulsion, Autopsy,Sarcófagoand the first two Sepultura releases. War metal bands include Blasphemy, Archgoat, Impiety, In Battle,and Zyklon-B.


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(History) Black Metal  
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