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October 08, 2010, 10:33pm
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Introduction ( SECOND POST )

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Hello and welcome to Vampire Kingdom, What a pleasure it is to see you here, and some of you again.
This is where you will create your character, using the guideline below. They will be claimed by one of the Royals if they are acceptable, so please refrain from RPing until you are claimed. Feel free to visit our Chat and Games Subforum while you wait.
Thank you.

Gender (male/female)
Race of vampire:
Age actual:
Age looks:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Distinguishing feature(s):
Weapon(s) of choice:

Your character cannot be more than 10,000 years of age. You cannot simply put unknown, and you cannot make them older than that.
You also cannot leave your history blank or put that they're too old to remember their history. Doing so will lead to the staff assuming that you're not going to put much effort into your RPs. Please provide a history that will permit us to learn about your character and properly judge which royal they'll thrive with. We love long histories!
Your history must be at least 5 lines long or your character will not be claimed and you will be asked to add to it.

All members can have two(2) characters to begin with, and one more with each 1000 posts. You cannot make a third character until you reach 1,000 posts.

You must have 1,000 posts to earn a staff position for your character!

ALSO! Each member will have each character claimed by a different royal, so for those who claim for their royal, you must look to see if that member already has a character claimed by your royal, if so you must wait for someone else to claim them.


We are in the 1500s, please try to keep things period. Thank you.

pointup What that means is that you can't have what are modern day cigarettes, jeans(invented in the 1850s), and other such things that are not appropriate in the dark ages. If you are not sure if it exists in the 1500s, google it.

Note: Due to an agreement by Emperor Arsen and Lucifer, Demons that are brought forth within the kingdom will be under King Draven's jurisdiction, i.e. no royal will be able to claim them other than him. Any inquiries are to be taken up with Dark_Angel_84 or Rose_McBane. Rules of Demons: I: only allowed to have one when you have at least 500 posts or more, and II: regular members can only have 1 demon, moderators and admins can have 2, roots can have 3, co-owners 5, and the owner: 6. III: If you have a character that is already in the cult that becomes a demon, know this: You have to have 500 posts, and your character will start all over again within the ranks.

Absolutely no horsemen of the apocalypse, past or present, of any kind, are allowed within the kingdom. They are beings of nature, and only signal the ends times. ...it also shows that you have no imagination, so simply, no horsemen or any relatives of them because since they are horsemen, they have absolutely NO ability to be with ANYONE. Any user that has a horseman of any kind will be asked to have them removed either willingly or forcibly, and at that time, they will be able to make a new character to replace the other. Thank you.

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