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ShadowofChoas wrote in KingdomHeartsWorldwide > RPing
December 29, 2011, 08:08pm
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RP Rules (1st Post)


Okay first things first, we should reread the Rules just to make sure everybody knows and obey them so that we can all have fun. I know you want to already start with everything but reading the rules will help everybody and make it much easy on Staff. Alright here are the Rules once more.

Must post in the intro thread first.
No drama
No hating(lets keep it friendly)
post in the right threads
And please have fun
Follow VF Rules
Respect Everyone; discrimination or bullying of any kind won't be tolerated within this cult. Also respect staff, they're here to make sure you have fun not to recieve abuse off you.
High level of literacy is to be used, occasional mistake is fine we are all human but no text speak or tYpIn LyKe ThIs.
No GodModding; this means no auto hits, you can't dodge every attack, must have permission before you kill someone's character & you can't control another character without permission.
Post in introduction first & make sure you read the thread rules.
Must wait for user titles; if you post without having a user title your post will be deleted for RPing.
Human only; this means no mythical creatures, super powers or mutants.
Can only be in 1 thread per character, I hate it when people post in every single thread.

Alright then hope you reviewed all the rules and understand them. If so say Jiminy below but put it in a random sentence just to have it more fun.

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