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June 06, 2011, 10:35am
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Master/Mistress/Slave: Slave
Name: Jacquelynn
Age: 275
Sex: Female
Species: Angel
Sexuality: straight
Powers/Abilities: Can control light, Can teleport, and seduction.
History: Jacquelynn was raised in a upper middle class home, her mother died at age thirteen and she was left with her father. When she started to develop her figure and start attracting men her father put her up as a slave to make some money. She as been handed around and she is rather shy because he last master abused her. She ran away from him getting caught the first two times. Finally on her third attempt one of his accomplices helped her leave till she finally got caught by a female master her that put her up for the slave trade again. Here she waits to be bought and given to her next master as prey.
Color User-title: Hot pink and black

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