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"This is the part where you are supposed to scream" -Alesana
Status: If you are a dreamer, come in
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A Hope-er, and Pay-er, a Magic Bean buyer,
If you are a pretender, come sit by my fire
For now we have some flax-golden tales to spin
Come in!
Come in!
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Sex: female
Age: 16
Location: Olathe, Kansas, United States
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single
Owned by: wilLxxx
Master to: TheTrueWatcher
Goes to school with: babykarkatcuddlesBVB
Plotting against: babykarkatcuddlesBVB
Best Friends with: babykarkatcuddlesBVB
Buddies with: Patch_The_Fallen
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 50
Member since: October 18, 2011
Last logged in: April 23, 2014, 07:53pm
Occupation: High school student :P
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 5 people
Latest Journal Entry: Hmpf   January 22, 2014, 05:43pm

Hi, I'm Sylvee~ I'm very goofy and silly ;D but know how to be serious :) In my spare time I watch Korean T.V shows, Anime, play video games, and do home work on occasion :3 (always comes last ;D) I also like Homestuck and Nightvale :). I eat nearly everything with Chopsticks and although I've been learning French and German for the past couple of years I'm moving on to Japanese like I've always wanted <3 I despise hair-dye. As in dying my whole head. it feels wrong in my hair, but I could definitely go for tips or highlights! As I have right now xD they were red a couple of weeks ago but now they're a bit purple-ish x]. I may seem extremely childish to you, but then again you might be judging a book by it's cover c; I really mean it when I say if you need advice for anything/everything go ahead and inbox me. I love my friends and family, who mean the world to me. Agh, what else? I LOVE to cook, do laundry, learn languages, go to school. Read ALL THE TIME. Be around people. I am more of an extrovert but don't worry fellow introverts, I have perfected NOT draining all of your valuable energy ^_^ ooohh, and I love Cosplay ^_^ I love to partake in it and help with it ^_^
Reading, Writing, Tea, Coffee, Italian Food, The Ocean, Nightvale, Homestuck, Tumblr, People, Video Games, Star Wars, I Love Lucy, the old black and white Nancy Drew's :) Old movies as well as new ones ^_^ Rain, swimming, Astronomy, owls :3 turtles, there are so many things to love! :]! European landscapes (Europe in general :3!) Marvel and D.C Characters. BATMAN. WONDER WOMAN. THE JOKER. HAWK GIRL. GREEN LANTERN. CAT WOMAN, POSION IVY. FREEZE. I'm a huge fucken dork XD Suspense movies, Romantic Comedy, Manga, Anime, Tumblr. More Tumblr. Oh, did I mention Tumblr? Steampunk. Fairytales. Disney and Pixar movies :D I'm a kid at heart :D photography. Horticulture. Taking pictures of flowers :) <3

Favorite Music:

Homepage: http://www.vampirefreaks.com/gothicaroid17
Link 1: http://www.facebook.com/sylvee.diane
Link 2: silversightslife.tumblr.com
Link 3: http://www.interpals.net/gothicaroid17

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