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"This is the part where you are supposed to scream" -Alesana
Status: Once Upon a Time<3
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Sex: female
Age: 17
Location: Olathe, Kansas, United States
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single and not looking
Owned by: wilLxxx
Master to: TheTrueWatcher
Goes to school with: babykarkatcuddlesBVB
Plotting against: babykarkatcuddlesBVB
Best Friends with: babykarkatcuddlesBVB
Buddies with: Patch_The_Fallen
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 120
Member since: October 18, 2011
Last logged in: September 15, 2014, 07:00pm
Occupation: High school student :P
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 12 people
Latest Journal Entry: Shitty but good days sigh.   June 15, 2014, 01:05am

Hello there fellow ladies and gentletrolls ^u^ I am Sylvee, nice to meetcha:) although you'll hear me called by this name pretty often I have tons of nicknames, the two others most commonly used are Sylv or silverfish. I am generally am extroverted person, as solitary and antisocial as I come off I actually love being around people :) I'm a gothic-rocker-skulls-and-band-tees kinda girl all the way with a lot of soft sides and plenty of spunk. I'm not afraid to be honest and pencil sharp blunt. And I love my friends and family, they mean the world to me. I'm not looking for any relationship, or any intimate reaction period. I won't cam chat with you or reply to any messages that say "hey sexy ;)." Forget it.
Reading, Writing, Tea, Coffee, Italian Food, The Ocean, Welcome to Nightvale, Homestuck, Tumblr, Anime (ask me if you want to know which ones I've watched and liked.) People, Video Games, Star Wars, I Love Lucy, the old black and white Nancy Drew's :) Old movies as well as new ones ^_^ Rain, swimming, Astronomy, owls :3 turtles, there are so many things to love! :]! Landscapes , Marvel and D.C Characters. BATMAN. WONDER WOMAN. THE JOKER. HAWK GIRL. GREEN LANTERN. CAT WOMAN, POSION IVY. FREEZE. I'm a huge fucking dork XD Suspense movies, Romantic Comedy, Manga, Anime, Tumblr. More Tumblr. Oh, did I mention Tumblr? Steampunk. Fairytales. Disney and Pixar movies :D I'm a kid at heart :D photography. Horticulture. Taking pictures of flowers :) <3

Favorite Music:
Pierce the Veil, Escape the Fate, My Chemical Romance, Alesana, Suicide Silence, Five Finger Death Punch, Sleeping with Sirens, Aerosmith, Sixx A.M, La Dispute, Coldplay, uhhhhh much much more I can't think of at this moment!!! :O sorry!!! :O
Homepage: http://www.vampirefreaks.com/gothicaroid17
Link 1: http://www.facebook.com/sylvee.diane
Link 2: silversightslife.tumblr.com
Link 3: http://www.interpals.net/gothicaroid17

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