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My name is Chloe, and I live in the beautiful city of Bath, UK. My boyfriend, my bearded dragon and my cat are the 3 most important men in my life. I'm clinging to my teens, glad to be in a time when I can learn from others that nobody really knows how to be an adult.

Reading is my most cherished pastime. I read anything that takes my fancy. I love to talk about books, so if you're going to send a comment my way, that's your best shot at a long conversation. You can see my goodreads here. I've also boasted that I'm a writer before now, but at this time it's merely an under-practised hobby of mine.

Animals are a huge passion of mine, particularly reptiles and amphibians. I'm warming up to bugs. Skills I'd like to learn in the future include book binding, playing piano, sewing, knitting, and attending social gatherings without wanting to run away.

I'm here for my friends and the cults I'm in. I reply to messages with some substance that are unlikely to end in unwanted sexual advances.