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Label: Vendetta Music
Label Type: indie
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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Independent-pop-goth-post-punk! Biography THE BLACK ALBUM - REVIEWS: "One of 2011′s more pleasant surprises was hearing these Swedish post-punks come into their own on their third album./ The misleadingly titled Black Album delivers a great range of colourful synths and guitars and establishes the band as a force to be reckoned with outside of genre and ancestry. / The Exploding Boy just delivered a great rock record." #25 at IdieYoudie' s top albums of 2011 Idieyoudie.com (US) "The Exploding Boy - Electronic Artist of the Year - Runner up" Somojo Magazine (UK) 'Artist of the Year' Awards 2011" "The song Torn is on the top 100 most played list 2011 on Radio Doblenueve in Peru" "The Exploding Boy has been Sweden’s little secret for years. With this new release, they should be able to find the same level of success here in the US. /..they combine heavy bass, toe-tapping rhythms and catchy melodies with undercurrents of anger, fear and loneliness. It is a combination that keeps them from drowning in the morose, wallowing that so many bands fall victim too." Coma Music Magazine (US) "Their flair for beautiful songs shot with a delicious melancholy is pronounced, as they proved tenfold with the third album." Sonic Seducer (D) "The best dark wave/Goth/dark dance is so good as to seem effortless, which puts The Exploding Boy at the head of the class. /The Exploding Boy sounds dark, angry, lost, lonely, scary and scared, all without ever sounding like they are trying to. Few bands can do that" Jim Sells (US) "For me, certainly one of the strongest albums of the year" 8,5/10 - Sparklingphotos (D) "Basically, the sound of the debut continues, if somewhat better produced and a touch more pop than before. The results speak for themselves! Exploding Boy know how to write catchy songs.." 4/6 - Monasteria (D) "One thing is clear: the gents never stop, but they don’t stop developing and that exactly seems to be the reason, why they're where they are right now." Static Magazin Germany (D) LIVE - REVIEWS: WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2012 "The Exploding Boy is a legit and fun post-punk Swedish band and it was exactly how I was expecting it to be – excellent! The sound was great, the boys were funny and the audience was wild!" Lux Noctis (RO) WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2012 "Without question a truly magnificent concert" Sonic Seducer (D) I heard only good things about the Swedes prior to their show at the Gothic Festival. All this premature praise of course woke my interest and I was awaiting their show with baited breath. The guys kicked it off with ‘I Am Truth ‘ , a non-album track released on a German compilation and I would lie if I say that song, regardless of its sublime melancholy ,wouldn’t tease you until you finally move something, and the very sympathetic performance of that song just added to the good impression given. With the upbeat ’40 Days’ following right up you could catch anything from tapping feet to fully moving bodies around you. That bass line by the ghost bass player I think was what had this effect on people, actually. Seriously, why does a band with such prominent bass lines not have a bass player on stage? Maybe it’s the old “money” problem. By the time, the bass hums of ‘It’s Over’ were floating over, the guys had already won over many people in the crowd who had as much fun as they seemed to have and barring the lack of a real bass player, I couldn’t really find any flaw within the show that had an unashamedly catchy tune like ‘Heart of Glass’ or the retro rocker ‘Desperados’ as its closer. I’m sincerely wondering how it can be not more people are familiar with those guys. Well, a few are now and I’m sure there’ll be more. Reflections of Darkness (D) KOMPAS, SINT NIKLAAS "The Exploding Boy came on and grabbed everyone out of conversation in about 10 seconds, and then kept them there for the whole show." Peek-a-boo (BE) UNDERGROUND, KÖLN "Ethereal moods were floating around everywhere and brought back a feeling of nostalgia as well. / Post-Punkish and with a little slice of Wave music it came along to rock the little crowd while the room got increasingly more hot." Reflections of Darkness (D) DEBASER MEDIS, STHLM "As support, we saw Swedish Exploding Boy who, with with their drifting but melancholy pop seduced a room that slowly filled. /The reverb drenched vocals, combined with the big guitars made it seem like we were in a much bigger place than Debaser Medis." Kulturbloggen (S) AFTERGLOW - REVIEWS: "ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2009" Dark Entries (B) "...a real drug, from which we simply can not get enough!" Fantastisch - Gothic Magazine (D) "Afterglow is the most underestimated Swedish record of the year." Absolut Noise (F) "Actually, while shaking your bum to this album, it is going to hit you just how refined, infectious, and ingenious this album really is." Slowdive Music (US) "The Exploding Boy proves at every moment that creating quality pop songs is still something possible in the twenty-first century..." Zicazine (F) "Definitly one of the albums of the year!, maybe even of the following decade…" Dark Feather (D) "One of the best albums this year in this genre!" 8/10 - ZERO Magazine (S) "...a true jewel of what I will name without claim no, “swedish pop new wave revival”! " 9/10 - Soilchronicles (F) "Swedish new wave revival is something I never saw coming and lucky, The Exploding Boy does it very well. This one is great and fans of new wave and other similar genres will love it." 4/5 - Dangerdog (US) Description DISCOGRAPHY 2012 - Single - Here Comes the Rain 2011 - Album - The Black Album US-Edition 2011 - Album - The Black Album 2011 - Single - The Human EP (digital) 2010 - Promo - Afterglow Club EP 2009 - Single - Heart of Glass (digital) 2009 - Album - Afterglow 2009 - Single - London (digital) 2008 - Single - 40 Days (digital) 2007 - Album - The Exploding Boy 2006 - Single - Cold Things Start to Burn (digital) 2006 - Demo - Vampire EP COMPILATION / TRACKS ¤ Zillo Dark Summer DVD / Here Comes The Rain ¤ Nightflowers Vol. 3 / The Man ¤ Schwarze Nacht 5 / Torn ¤ Death # Disco Compilation 1 / Torn ¤ Gothic Compilation Part 51 / Sweet Little Lies ¤ D-Side Magazine 60 / The Right Spot ¤ Redjmusic Compilation / 40 Days, London ¤ ADERLASS Compilation Vol. 7 / 40 Days ¤ TSO Static Magazin Germany 1 / Let The Right One In ¤ Darkfeather Compilation Vol. 10 / London ¤ Darkness before Dawn Vol. 2 / I Am Truth ¤ Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 5 / Intervention ¤ The Creeping Death Vol. 4 / 40 Days ¤ Extreme Club Hits Vol. 12 / London ¤ Gothic Lifestyle No. 2 / Heart Of Glass ¤ Extreme Traumfänger 9 / What You Want To ¤ Pagan Love Songs Vol. 2 / Heart Of Glass ¤ Darkfeather Compilation / Heart Of Glass ¤ The Dark Place Compilation / Heart Of Glass ¤ Groove Compilation 5 / Cold Things Starts to Burn UPCOMING SHOWS 2012 31/12 - The Red Party @ Sullivan Hall, NYC (US) 2013 Jan/feb - European Tour 2013 PAST SHOWS 2012 29/07 - Summer Darkness 2012 @ Tivoli, Utrecht (NL) 14/07 - Nordstern-Festival 2012 @ Stadtpark, Hamburg (D) 13/07 - Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main (D) 23/06 - Blackfield Festival 2012, Gelsenkirchen (D) 28/05 - Wave Gotik Treffen 2012, Leipzig (D) 19/05 - Kolingsborg, Stockholm (S) 25/02 - South Side Cavern, Stockholm (S) 18/02 - Strand (supporting DAF), Stockholm (S) 2011 27/10 - Debaser Medis (supporting Peter Murphy), Stockholm (S) 23/09 - Litfass, Ochtrup (D) 22/09 - P60, Amstelveen (NL) 21/09 - Vortex Club, Siegen (D) 19/09 - Café Atlantik, Freiburg (D) 18/09 - Kontrastbühne, Zweibrücken (D) 17/09 - Batcave Party @ Subclub, Bratislava (SK) 16/09 - The Ball @ Viper Room, Vienna (A) 15/09 - Bunker, Bielefeld (D) 07/06 - RELEASE PARTY @ Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (S) 03/06 - OJC Kompas, Sint-Niklaas (B) 02/06 - Underground, Köln (D) 01/06 - Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main (D) 30/05 - Hit the North @ Astra Stube, Hamburg (D) 28/05 - Now-Party, Dornbirn (A) 27/05 - Dynamo Werk 21, Zürich (CH) 26/05 - RELEASE PARTY Death Disco @ King Kong Klub, Berlin (D) 2010 11/12 - Debaser Medis, Stockholm (S) 25/09 - Twilight of Darkness @ Epplehaus, Tübingen (D) 24/09 - Feierwerk @ Kranhalle, Lostclub, München (D) 27/08 - Zombie Live Night, Sjätte tunnan, Stockholm (S) 18/07 - Gothic Festival 2010, Waregem (B) 17/07 - One Way - The Independent Club, Leipzig (D) 15/07 - Dynamo, Werk 21, Zürich (CH) 14/07 - Der Cult, Nürnberg (D) 19/03 - The Cave, Sundbyberg (S) 26/02 - Gotham Nights @ John Dee, Oslo (N) 2009 21/12 - K17 (+ The Crüxshadows), Berlin (D) 20/12 - Centrum (+ The Crüxshadows), Erfurt (D) 19/12 - Ratcave Party @ KTS, Freiburg (D) 17/12 - Feinspeiserei, München CANCELLED (D) 12/12 - Interzone, Bremen (D) 11/12 - Stay Wild, Iserlohn (D) 09/12 - Hafenkneipe, Zürich (CH) 08/12 - Der Hirsch (+ The Crüxshadows), Nürnberg (D) 06/12 - Nightfall, Helsinki (FIN) 18/09 - Frühauf + Crottendorf, Leipzig (D) 17/09 - Crash Club, Wittenberg (D) 16/09 - Pretty Vacant Club, Düsseldorf (D) 13/09 - 30 Jahre Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin (D) 12/09 - DEAF BLIND DUMB Party, Halle (D) 11/09 - Hedis Landgang, Hamburg (D) 10/09 - Duncker Club, Berlin (D) 09/09 - Knust (+ Big Bang), Hamburg (D) 05/06 - RELEASE PARTY @ Sugar Bar, Stockholm (S) 31/05 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (D) 29/05 - LOSTCLUB @ Gloria, Regensburg (D) 16/04 - 37er Club, Wittenberg CANCELLED (D) 15/04 - The Cave, Frankfurt am Main (D) 12/04 - Hit the North @ Astra-Stube, Hamburg (D) 11/04 - Interzone @ Club elf², Bremen (D) 10/04 - Schaubude, Kiel (D) 2008 21/11 - Klubb Heimat @ Landet, Stockholm (S) 07/11 - Klubb Lakritz @ Black Horn, Norrköping (S) 07/09 - Mosebacke, Stockholm (S) 16/05 - La Cultura, Barentin (F) 15/05 - Edward & Sons, Paris (F) 14/05 - Emporium, Rouen (F) 10/05 - Showcase, Stockholm (S) 09/05 - Klubb Raw, Eskilstuna (S) 2007 27/05 - Klubb Kylen @ Tantogården, Stockholm (S) 05/05 - Face Front Festival, Piteå (S) 04/05 - Scharinska, Umeå (S) 04/04 - RELEASE PARTY @ KGB, Stockholm (S) 31/03 - Café Grönköping, Hjo (S) 04/01 - Rabbit Fighter Rock Weekend, Mosebacke, Stockholm (S) 2006 26/12 - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (S) 03/11 - Fight Club Heroes @ Allhuset, Stockholm (S) 06/09 - Klubb Dodger @ Smålands nation, Lund (S) 02/09 - Sommarfesten, Hässleholm (S) 12/08 - Klubb Heimat @ Landet, Stockholm (S) 29/07 - Trädgården, Stockholm (S) 05/06 - Fight Club @ Stampen, Stockholm (S)
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