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Label: machineKUNT Records
Label Type: indie
Location: New York, New York, United States
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Experiment Haywire started out in late 2004 as an attempt to rebel against her Jewish heritage in which she was forced to take piano lessons. As an avid listener and DJ of electronic, punk, industrial, and noise music (Deconstructed, QXT's Diva Weekend, Abstraction, etc.) it was only a matter of time before Rachel gave birth to her own musical explosion. Experiment Haywire would express themes of political dissent, female empowerment, war, (internal and external) torture, insanity, contradictory aesthetics, the devaluing of the human condition, and a post-apocalyptic future in this game called life.

Influenced by artists ranging from Einstürzende Neubauten, The Plasmatics, Atari Teenage Riot and S.I.N.A. Rachel decided to form an all female performance art troupe in New York City called Nuclear Riot Party. She began playing at well known venues such as the Knitting Factory and the Continental and quickly gained a devoted cult following among the local (de)population.

Fed up with the herd mentality of the Nuclear Riot Party, Rachel soon decided to get back to Experiment Haywire. While Haywire was originally an avant-garde noise project based on desolate field recordings at weird hours of the morning it soon turned into a rhythmic industrial invasion that incorporated these elements into the harsh and abrasive sound of an electronic punk assault.

The first Experiment Haywire single, "Army or Two," was released on a 3 CD compilation entitled Women Take Back the Noise. (also featuring Cosi Fanni Tutti, VyL8, and Dark Muse). In 2006 she performed at Digital Hardcore Fest in Toronto with Phallus Uber Alles. Simultaneously, World War 23, her first collection of songs was distributed in limited release and received favorable reviews.

Soon Rachel was playing for wider audiences in bigger cities (aside from New York) such as San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, Denver, Seattle, and Portland along acts such as Android Lust, Informatik, Cesium 137, God Module, Alter Der Ruine, Babyland, Pill Brigade, and Z'EV. She even got herself on the same bill as Boyd Rice for political infiltration.

In early 2007 Experiment Haywire began working with engineer Xris Flam of Mindswerve Studios, NYC. Having worked with a variety of artists such as KMFDM, Mindless Self Indulgence, DJ Spooky, Merzbow and Public Enemy he helped mix her infamous anti-nazi EP known as Cooler Than Genocide and her full length album Annihilation Chic.

In late 2007 Rachel founded machineKUNT Records, a new label for independent females creating dark electronic, noise, and industrial music. The first machineKUNT compilation was called Extreme Women in the Dark Future and featured artists ranging from Regenerator to Neikka RPM to Chiasm to Julie Destory.

In late 2009 Rachel quit working with Xris Flam after years of training as a producer. She currently produces other musicians as she simultaneously works on Experiment Haywire. Look out for her new album Grrl Interrupted which will be released in mid-2010 on her very own machineKUNT.

Rachel is also a published author who is featured in the Disinformation anthology Generation Hex. Her first full length book is called Acidexia which is an authentic, highly personal coming of age autobiography and a cultural artifact documenting the fringes of culture at the dawn of the Information Age.


Download my music at:







[ Comp: "Endzeit Bunketracks V" song: "Mean Enough Hot Enough (Studio-X mix)" ]

[ Now available for US order at machineKUNT Records and The Haywire ]


1. Army Or Two (Out Out 2 Tr Treatment)
2. Stereotype (Soman Re:Work)
3. Stereotype (Blank mix)
4. Cooler Than Genocide (Uberbyte Bill Hicks Was Right mix)
5. Cooler Than Genocide (Caustic Oi Vey mix)
6. Mean Enough Hot Enough (Vicious Alliance Just An Animal mix)
7. Overrule (Pulse State Riot Grrl Club mix)
8. Game Called Life (Leæther Strip mix)
9. Game Called Life (XP8 mix)
10. Game Called Life (Necrotek End Future mix)
11. Game Called Life (Autoclav1.1 Vivify mix)
12. Occult Casualty (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
13. Occult Casualty (BAAL mix)
14. Occult Casualty (kAlte fArben mix)
15. Decapitation (Ambassador 21 mix)
16. Decapitation (Revolution State mix)

[ Comp: "Extreme Women in the Dark Future" song: "Mean Enough Hot Enough" ]


Annihilation Chic
[ Full length album - order your copy today! ]


1. Mean Enough Hot Enough
2. Stereotype
3. Occult Casualty
4. Overrule
5. Sociopathic
6. Dark Discordia
7. Game Called Life (XP8 mix)
8. Decapitation (Ambassador 21 mix)
9. People Killing People (kAlte fArben mix)
10. Cooler Than Genocide (Caustic Oi Vey mix)
11. Annihilation Day

Order from:

machineKUNT Records
Storming the Base
Music Non Stop
The Haywire

Cooler Than Genocide
[ sold out! ]


1. People Killing People
2. Game Called Life
3. Decapitation of the Nation
4. Cooler Than Genocide


[ Comp: "Endzeit Bunkertracks - Act III" song: "Game Called Life" ]


Help support Experiment Haywire. Link to this page with the banners below. Play EH songs in your profile. Spin them at the clubs. Play them on the radio. Get in contact!




"I didn’t expect it to be danceable, and as a result, so damn subversive. It’s a good thing to see such a fiercely creative woman generating dark industrial minus the gothy-emo undertones." -Alterati Magazine

"There is a distinct militancy as if we are all serving in Rachel Haywire’s own private fucked-up army." -Heathen Harvest

"Classic Nitzer Ebb gone riot grrrl." -ReGen Magazine

"Full of attitude, aggression, and dystopian mechanic sounds, Experiment Haywire puts the punk back in cyberpunk." -Liar Society

"Returning to a more old-school EBM sound reminiscent of acts like SINA and Suicide Inside, Rachel (Experiment Haywire) brings real attitude to the scene, breaking and shattering things, dominating and flogging people in the audience, and generating a torrent of irreverence and intimidation. Her live performances are thoroughly amusing and engaging." -David Callaham at DC show

"Take Kenji Siratori, Takashi Miike, Throbbing Gristle and Laibach. Add a feminine militant touch and you get The Haywire. -DJ TeKslave of Synthetike Kakophonie

"Being a bit of a fan of the Fluxus and Dada movements I'm always interested in seeing what their intellectual counterparts are doing today. Good to see they've branched out into such wonderful places." -Loosifah Productions

"Your music inspires 'girls-kick-ass' sentiments all over. Thank you for keeping us out of the kitchen." -Odium from Brisbane

"When I listen to your music I feel like I am locked up in an insane asylum. I mean this as a compliment." -Winter Fiend Magazine

Amanda Palmer, Ambassador 21, Android Lust, Angelspit, Atari Teenage Riot, Babyland, Coil, Consolidated, Download, Einstürzende Neubauten, Emilie Autumn, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Hanin Elias, Hole, Jack Off Jill, Laibach, Lydia Lunch, Meg Lee Chin, Nic Endo, Nitzer Ebb, The Plasmatics, Pzychobitch, S.I.N.A, Skinny Puppy, Snog, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, yelworC, and all of my friends who were doing this before me

-The freedom to hate as a female in a pathetic society where hate is considered a non-female perspective

-The need to rip a hole in the fabric of sound because ripping a hole in the fabric of reality was getting way too fucking easy

Homepage: http://experimenthaywire.net
Link 1: http://machinekunt.com
Link 2: http://myspace.com/experimenthaywire
Link 3: http://myspace.com/machinekunt

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