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Label: Drakkar/ E-Wave
Label Type: indie
Location: Witten, NRW, Germany
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Elysium released May 26th, 2006 In Greek mythology, the elysion ([classical] Greek - the elysian [field], the elysieum in Latin) is that Island of the Blessed in the extreme west of the globe, surrounded by Okeanos, where those heroes are transported who were loved by the gods or given immortality by them. The play with religious elements has always been just as much part of Eisheilig as low-tuned guitars, orchestral elements and the striking, sonorous vocals by main songwriter and frontman Dennis Mikus. Elysium is the brilliant third recording by this band from Germany, translating the powerfully sounding title into heavy and at the same time longing and melancholy compositions. The listener is practically drawn into a maelstrom that leads into the depths of the human soul. Deep down where its dark, very dark indeed Eisheilig were founded in 1998. Although the musicians felt at home mainly on the punk and metal scenes at the time, they decided to create music away from stylistic limitations to express their innermost emotions. For the band members, Dennis Mikus (vocals), Till Maiwald (guitar), Niklas Peternek (bass) and Dominik Sapia (drums), Eisheilig stands for the artistic expression of a dark age, the quartets music sounding appropriately mysterious and deep from the beginning. The debut album, Eisheilig, arrived in May 2001 and inspired supporters from the most diverse scenes. Their second offering, Die Grten Des Herrn, which presented the band evidently tougher and more guitar-oriented, arrived two years later, in November 2003, gaining an even larger following. Their current album, Elysium, is their third release and was recorded at the Mohrmann studio (Kreator, Juli, Sportfreunde Stiller, and many more) in Bochum/Germany. It is a logical continuation of the predecessor, while also documenting an amazing musical maturing process. Thanks to these state-of-the-art studios, the songs sound even more driving, homogeneous and sprawling. In addition, Eisheilig have worked perceptibly on their musical diversity, dynamic song structures and more distinctive structures, letting the calm moments appear quieter this time, and the tougher passages clearly more driving in contrast. The result is ten diverse songs that must be seen as a whole and reveal countless small details. Yet thanks to their powerful direction, tracks such as Fhrmann, Lucifer or Mrchenreich all have a distinct potential for carrying away the fans on the dance floor or at gigs. Typically Eisheilig, Elysium features strong German lyrics, heavy mid-tempo grooves and powerful guitars again that practically drill themselves into the listeners brain. Mikus expressive, clearly defined, deep vocals ensure a constant change between stately melancholia and flagrant aggression. Thematically, Eisheilig go along with Nick Cave, who has said: There are only three things worth writing about: love, God and death. That this seemingly tight framework allows limitless space for universal thoughts is proved repeatedly by Eisheiligs customarily profound lyrics. Together with the music, the band photos and the atmospheric album artwork, which transports a surreal apocalyptic mood inspired by the artist, Parke Harrison, this is a thoroughly accomplished package destined to open new doors for the band. Following past tours with LAme Immortelle and The Vision Bleak, Eisheilig are scheduled to expand their live presence with Elysium after all this band effortlessly create a veritable storm during their shows; which should be even easier with this album under their belt. Sascha Blach Label-HP: drakkar.de /-MySpace: ../drakkarentertainment // Press: drakkar-archiv.de
A mix of Type O Negative, Oomph!, Black Sabbath, and many more

Homepage: http://www.eisheilig.de
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/eisheiligband
Link 2: http://www.drakkar.de

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