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Label: CRL Studios
Label Type: indie
Location: California, United States

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Dyskhord - Ycic? (Extended Version) HD

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Dyskhord - Ycic? (Too much Adderall Remix By Mixtape From Atlantis)

Dyskhord is Alaskan Industrial Music.

Oil and gold.

This is the sound of your memory crying for acknowledgement, your pain gasping for another breath, and the relief that all light and life can bring.

Started at age 8, Dyskhord has been playing the synthesizer about as long as an NES.

For fans of Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Wumpscut, Leaether Strip, Throbbing Gristle, etc...this is truly progressive and bio-mechanical in nature.

The question is not so much what Dyskhord is about, the question is what things would be like for me without it.

If I don't do it, there's something missing.

I feel like there's something I'm trying to convey with my music, some kind of message of hope, but it acts more like therapy as I find my way in this cruel, twisted world. If I didn't make music I don't know how I would ever be able to make sense of things, however intangible they may be.

Convoluted thoughts become convoluted music.

Each song acts be like portrait of the time frame it was composed in. Every step, every note is like a day in a season, and we all have our own destination.

We all share the human experience, I believe that music best encapsulates some of the more unfortunate things we all have to feel sometimes. Just to know that someone might feel the same way as you do has always been a staple for dark electronic fans, but what about when even you don't know how you feel?

Enter Dyskhord...

Songs of anguish turned to triumph, of paradise shattered and strewn all around you, mocking, as you live on. Songs made to indulge the senses and provoke an emotional response in the listener. Cries like one dying, it is a trumpet blast on the frontlines in the bastion for something good in such a dark place.

I motion to overcome.

Dyskhord can best be described as progressive. Theory is overrated, who needs a chorus when the entire song can be a solo? There is no mystery to it, I expose my best for you. As I live and breathe my music is born, and in death both my pain and my victory shall remain to inspire others and give them strength - or just leave them wondering what kind of nut job made such insanity.

What is Dyskhord? The absence of harmony? Conflicting waves? By definition, yes - and Dyskhord, through unconventional methods and a dogged pursuit, intends to show you something new under the sun in these dark days.

Formed around 1996 in Arizona, a lifetime of practice came turn to creating an abstract and truly unique aural experience. One might describe Dyskhord as modern classical, drawing upon and at times exhausting every technological resource available - skewing them into one as the conductor engages them, creating something undeniably new.

No genre could ever clearly define Dyskhord, however, fans of Industrial music will certainly find a kindred sound - there are elements of Hardcore Dance music, EBM, Drum and Bass, Glitch, and Ambient to moments almost taken from the psychedelic era of rock and roll. Drawing heavily upon influences in music as a whole - the world has a revolutionary today - make no mistake.

Reaching the top of the Myspace Industrial charts 4 months after going online, Dyskhord turned his attention on the world and has found it wanting. Dyskhord has developed an almost ascetic relationship between his music and the world, eschewing many of the trappings of modern society such as television and "meme" internet phenomenon intentionally to surface outside of that sphere of thought and find peace inside a beautiful chaotic world of his own * Ahead of his time? Or an artificer salvaging what's left of the machine...

Dyskhord will show you a new spectrum of sound.


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