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Sex: male
Age: 37
United States
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Member Since: September 15, 2010
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Relationship Status: Married
Occupation: DJ @ Shelter ATL

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The Pursuit and Attainment of Will, Union with the Divine, Love,
The Law of Thelema, Leather Jackets, Fake Mustaches, High Quality
Headphones, Pancakes, Fruit Smoothies, Paint Pens, My Daughter, Warm & Fresh Sheets
Throwing middle fingers in the air while yelling FUCK YEAH!

I definitely like this cult. If you're pagan of any persuasion (or just respectfully curious), come stop by and say hello.

old and/or bad coffee, wet socks, unnecessary negativity, toll roads, lack of integrity, anything in opposition to what I listed in my Likes
EBM, Goth, Industrial, Post Punk, Trip Hop, Crust, Power Noise, New Wave

Top 10 -
Sisters of Mercy,
the Amebix,
Virgin Prunes,
David Bowie,
Depeche Mode,
Johnny Cash,
the Swans,