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If you want to know about me, just ask :) Regardless of what I used to put on my profile, no-one ever really read it anyway so what is the point? Basics: I could tell you about my work, but then I'd have to kill you. Nah... I'm a software engineer who specializes in reverse engineering and security auditing of software. Currently doing research into the security of home wireless routers and the Android operating system. Hint, don't fucking use android! BlackBerry, yo!

Y'know children, in my day, VF was a wonderful, lovely place. Ok I lied, it was a shithole full of pervs even back then. But... I wasn't old as fuck as I am now, or at least feel now. I was on the internet in IRC servers (efnet, then ircnet yo) before half you whippersnappers were born! Fuck I miss the 1990's. Half of you lot probably never even seen the Matrix on the big screen! Ok now I'm just ranting and I should stop.

Personally I think I've gave up on relationships and I seem oddly fine about it. Haven't been in one for three years now. Probably lost my mojo or something I dunno.

Anywho, hit me up, I'm always a talkative bugger. Oh and my location in the world changes a lot based on what I'm working on, so... whatever the profile says, it's probably wrong for that particular month. I'm from Scotland though.

People who mean the most to me are Elly, Becks an Jaclyn. Three of the best people on this planet, hilarious, kind hearted and my type of folks. Me and my army of killer robots will go to war for them anyday.

A great many, many things :)
Hipster fuckwads
Favorite Music
VNV Nation, Funker Vogt, Assemblage 23, Covenant, Blutengel... y'know the usual awesome EBM Industrial bands :) Apart from my usual listening, classic rock and I'll never turn off Zac Brown Band :P