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Genre: other
Created on: October 09, 2009
Members: 8412 [ View Members ]
Member Ranking: 5th of 9760 cults
owner: Shiivy (55003 posts) [member info]
co-owner: Akumetsu (92718 posts) [member info]
moderator: darkblood109 (13002 posts) [member info]
moderator: no-skinny-jeans (2940 posts) [member info]
moderator: mango (2238 posts) [member info]
Total Posts: 2362501
Posts Today: 14
Posts This Week: 281
Posts This Month: 488
Weekly Rank: 58th most active cult this week
Monthly Rank: 126th most active cult this month
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Newest Member: EternalMysticMelody joined November 28, 2014, 12:52am
Top Poster: Akumetsu (92718 posts) [more]
Top Inviter: Elara (694188 invites) [more]
Top Inviter This Week: villesvampiregirl (2010 invites) [more]
Top Inviter This Month: villesvampiregirl (2010 invites) [more]
Top Inviter Last Week: darkblood109 (1006 invites) [more]
Top Inviter Last Month: MCRchick (1523 invites) [more]
Top Recruiter: Elara (7878 recruited)
Top Recruiter This Week: villesvampiregirl (5 recruited)
Top Recruiter This Month: villesvampiregirl (5 recruited)
Top Recruiter Last Week: darkblood109 (3 recruited)
Top Recruiter Last Month: MCRchick (6 recruited)