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Welcome to xx_Pierced_Freaks_xx, the 4th largest piercing/tattoo cult on VF!

I own myself. I can leave myself as I am, or I can improve myself as I see fit, or I can even choose to destroy myself. It’s my decision, and my decision alone. Any law that tells me that I don’t own myself, and can’t dictate what is done to my body and by whom, is fundamentally wrong and by definition a tool of those who would enslave others. Worse yet, it belies a flawed foundation upon which true human rights cannot be built.
-Shannon Larratt (BMEzine.com)


1. We welcome everyone to our cult and have nothing against those who join. People who do stupid things or disrespect anyone in here will be Banned/Deleted. no exceptions.

2. Dont ask if a fucking piercing hurts, go and get one then judge for yourself.

3. Staff, do your jobs and me and Zintra wont complain.

4. Don't post threads because you're bored.

5. Please dont start threads asking questions. We already have a thread for questions so ask in there.

6. You're not going to whore your profile/cult/anything in here, so don't bother.

7. If you feel a member/ staff member is harassing you or bothering you in any way Inbox Sensory_Overload / Kinky_lette / Abhorrence_x_angel / or Zintra.

8. If you "self pierce" we are not responsible for your injuries. We do not encourage people to self pierce. If you're piercing is/gets infected seek help from a professional immmedeately.

9.Dont ask us what kind of piercing you should get It's YOUR body and YOUR decision.

10. If you become a staff member you have 1 week to get your job started. If you fail to do so you will be taken off of the staff list.

11. Stay active and have fun



[March 29th 2007] Sensory: It seems that Jetsetter and Rage has resigned. The cult will be kept open and hopefully become alive again. Some minor changes will be made in regards to the rules and staff regulations. Happy posting ghouls and gals! [February 10th 2007] Jet: I delete old threads for a reason. Too keep the cult clean and to make loading pages ALOT easier for dial-up users. please dont take it personally if I delete your threads/posts. I'm about to update some stuff in the cult. Thanks to -Vassilius_Rage- for going on an invite frenzy yesterday I appreciate it.

[January 31st, 2007]
Jet: Wow It's been a while since I've been online. I'm sorry for my absence. My staff have not been doing alot except for making posts. But becides that this cult has been growing like crazy. I am looking for a few Mods. If you're intrerested please apply in the "staff needed" thread. I want to thank my staff and the members for keeping this cult in line/being active and doing thier part to make this place better for the people who seek help in the piercing/tattoo category. I made a new layout and I'm still working on the HTML for pictures so please wait on that for a bit.

[January 25th, 2007]
Jet: Sorry I haven't been active lately. I've been dealing with family issues and shit with school. But I'm back. I'm going to be working on a brand new layout SOON. I'm going to add in a few new topics and Edit the cult up a bit more. "Cult Notifications" will be sent out later.

[January 2, 2007]
Zintra: I'm back from holidays, Just stopped in to say happy new years to you all!
Love you long time

[January 1, 2007]
Jet: First I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you Pierced Freaks. Hope you all go get some more kick ass body mods. this year. Anyways things have been slow lately, for me. I did some cleaning up in here. Added a few banners new contests and fixed up the staff box a bit. Anything new will be added in here.

[December 25, 2006]
Jet: Merry Christmas everyone! Well I dont like seeing people with 1 or 2 posts enteing contests It's like you dont want to be a part in the cult. Maybe you're a contest whore ...well whatever it is I'm not going to point fingers but this is now a mandatory thing you have to have at least 15 posts before you enter a contest. I'll be making games and stuff up and I'll try running 2 contests at once. Thank you all for voting and being a part of this cult all together ^_^

[December 18, 2006]
Zintra: New Staff Expectations. There will also be some changes to the staff, with extra staff added over the holiday time.

[December 15, 2006]
Jet: New fucking layout! looks awesome right? well basically I added a couple of threads and cleaned up a bit in here. I'd like some feedback on the cult design. Inbox me! well if you want. We're almost at 400 members! let's get there.