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Name: Shannon :*
Age: 23
Location: Ohio
VF Member since: 2006


  1. Follow VF rules.
  2. Make threads and do shit.
  3. Express your opinions at your own risk.
  4. Drama is welcomed and encouraged. So be prepared for earsex(mmm).
  5. Vampires are like jesus and jesus is like copper.
  6. Dnt typ lyk diz, you're not cool enough to do so.
  7. This layout isn't for you to "try out" xHenk. Don't fucking touch it.

Layout made by Arotyk
Welcome to To Be Honest 01/10/2010

Hey there. We don't really have much to say for a description. We're just like any other cult really. We are random, yet we can hold a serious discussion. Well some of us anyway. Come join us for a chat.

Shoofly if you get easily offended.

Lil shy vagine

Your body will never be found

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January 10, 2010
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