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Created on: November 27, 2011
The purpose of this cult is to bring together all cult staff and owners! With discussions, tips on making successful cults, a place to hire new staff, advertise your cults, a place to ask members if they like your cult idea before you create it, templates for your cult, a critiques section and much more - we offer you the chance to join the most helpful cult on VF to help you become a beneficial part of the VF community.


Ftd Cult

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001. Introduce yourself before posting elsewhere.
002. No spamming, trolling or being a tard.
003. No controversial discussions.
004. Be respectful to both members & staff.
005. Drama starters are deleted, suspended or banned.
006. Read the rules in each subforum before mindlessly posting.
007. Follow VF's ToS.

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Owner: StungByFate
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Who Can Post: unmoderated
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Who Can Upload Pics: Owners
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