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Created on: December 17, 2005


Welcome to SDL. This cult has seen its share of owners and staff over the years. Started in 2005. this was once the biggest Layout & Resource cult around. We are making a come back! With all new layouts. a point system (in the making) and help when you need it.

If you're interested in becoming apart of staff here. please feel free to apply. we are needing new comers!


Read and Follow them!

» Join if you plan on using a layout, code, or anything else provided by SDL. (we like to know we're useful)

» Do not, under any circumstances, remove any credit from our layouts. Changing a few words and formulations here and there does not make it yours.

» In this cult, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. If you are continuously rude to people, you will get banned.

» When posting a problem/question: be clear, polite, and explain what the issue is. If you can, give examples to help better explain your issue.

» Give your topic a descriptive title so that people know what your issue is and can locate it more easily in a thread search. Ex. "please help me" is not nearly as good as "Margining Help."

» Follow all VF rules and any subforum rules in addition to these rules. Don't hesitate to inbox our staff members if you need any assistance with the cult/its members.

Latest Cult Activity!

» (3.14.15) - new codes have been added to code section. and we've added links to the "useful links" section on the side bar.

» (3.6.15) - NEW CULT LAYOUT! DEATHENDROAD added two new premade layouts for you guys to use. added a point system and prizes for you guys.

Winners to contest!

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