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Created on: December 17, 2005

Welcome to SDL

Welcome,if you are here. this means you are looking for a premade layout to use for your account. That 's fine. we only ask that you follow our rules.

Aside from Layouts we provide you with other things. such as Contest, Games, Polls, Dailies, a point system & Freebies from designers.



Cult Updates

6.1.15 - 6 new layouts have been added by MaryAutumn in the advanced layout thread. They' re pokemon themed so go and check them out!
5.7.15 - 3 new layouts have been added by SHARKBAITX in the advanced layout thread.
4.20.15 - A new layout was added to the "advanced thread" for you Bleach fans, that one's for you.
4.18.15 - Deathendroad added 2 new "simple" layouts. for you all to use.
4.12.15 - A NEW cult layout was added. A new "advanced" profile layout added by deathendroad.

Cult Rules

» Post in intro thread if you want points.
» Join if you plan to use our layouts.
» do not remove credit from layouts.
» Respect of members, is a MUST here.
» Don't be afraid to ask questions.
» Have fun learning new things.

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