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Created on: December 17, 2005


Our Rules

» Join if you are using a layout, code, or anything else provided by SDL.

» Do not, under any circumstances, remove any credit from our layouts. Changing a few words and formulations here and there does not make it yours.

» In this cult, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. If you are continuously rude to people, you will get banned.

» When posting a problem/question: be clear, polite, and explain what the issue is. If you can, give examples to help better explain your issue.

» Give your topic a descriptive title so that people know what your issue is and can locate it more easily in a thread search. Ex. "please help me" is not nearly as good as "Margining Help."

» Follow all VF rules and any subforum rules in addition to these rules. Don't hesitate to inbox our staff members if you need any assistance with the cult/its members.

Facts Answers & Questions

Q: How can I learn to make layouts?
A: To make layouts you need to know - at least - basic CSS and some HTML coding. It might seem hard at first, but it gets easier once you start getting into it; it's just like learning a foreign language. Making advanced layouts that are not based on VF's default layout requires a bit more knowledge though, and is not something you'd want to start out with. See our links section for online tutorials and ask if you have any questions.

Q: How do you make banners?
A: First of all, you need a graphics software. Adobe Photoshop is the best choice, but quite expensive. Jasc Paint Shop is a cheaper alternative, and GIMP is a freeware. All these come with an additional software that lets you animate pictures as well. Play around with the programs until you find out how the different tools work, and what the different effects do. If you feel you need more help, search Google for tutorials.

Q: I found a layout I like, how do I get it on my profile?
A: Copy the code of the layout you want and paste it at the very top of your Profile section, in your 'Edit profile' page. If you already have a layout in your profile, make sure you remove this before you paste in the new code.
To copy, highlight the code and either press "CTRL+C" on your keyboard or right-click and select "copy." To past, press "CTRL+V" in the box appropriate or simply right-click and select "paste."

Q: Can you make me a custom layout?
A: You may request a custom layout, but in all honestly, most custom layout requests don't get responses. You may try it, though.

Q: I used one of your layouts, but changed it a bit. Do I still have to keep the credit on?
A: Yes. You may state that you edited the layout, but you must keep the original credit on.

Q: How do I hide the ads on my profile?
A: Removing the ads is against VF's rules, for both premium and free members. If caught by a site admin, this will get you either suspended or deleted. Premium members do not see the ads, but free members will still see the ads when viewing a premium member's profile. This is not a code we will give out.

Q: Why does my profile look fucked up in Firefox? How can I make it look good in any browser?
A: If you type in a code that isn't valid according the the "HTML rules", IE will guess what you were trying to do, while Firefox displays the errors in your coding. Therefore it's recommended that you build your profile in Firefox, even if you normally use IE. If your profile looks right in Firefox, it will most likely work in any browser.

Q: How can I take screen-shots of my layouts?
A: Press 'F11' to get a full-screen view of the layout. Then press Print Screen (Prt Sc), open Paint and click "paste".

Q: How can I make live previews of my layouts?
A: Copy the source code of a layout and paste it into notepad. Remove all personal info from the profile code (your username, personal links, pictures etc). Write/paste in the layout code. Save the document as a HTML file (if you want to name the file "Layout_preview", you would type "Layout_preview.html" in file name box). Now upload the HTML file to a web-hosting site such as 110MB. You only need to do the first part once, as you just duplicate the file and replace the layout code with another.

Q: How can I make a code display, without taking effect?
A: There are two alternatives: For short codes, or for posting codes the cult forum, you can just replace the < with <. For long, complex codes and stylesheets you can use the <textarea> code. Everything you put between <textarea> and </textarea> will be displayed as normal text.

Q: Can I become a layout designer in your cult?
A:As this cult does no longer consist of a set group of layout designers, all members can submit layouts to be published in the cult. Anyone with good html/graphic skills can be a 'designer' here, but if you want a staff position, you have to show you are both reliable and qualified. Only active members are considered for staff positions, no matter how great a designer you are.

Q: A layout isn't showing up. What's wrong?
A: Most likely, the website hosting the layout is down at the moment. Try again in a few hours. If the problem continues, you probably forgot to close a tag somewhere in your coding.

Q: Can I use this cult's layout for my own cult/profile?
A: No.

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