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Created on: May 01, 2012


If you have been attracted to this cult, whether it be by invite or you just happened to pass by, you probably already know that it is extremely South East Asian orientated, and even more so, kpop orientated. We are currently going through a revamp, as while we were never the most active cult... we certainly were a lot more active than we are now. Let's not just get us back to what we used to be, let's get better. 사랑해요, the Staff.


- Please post in the Introduction Thread before you post anywhere else.
- No Drama. Please just respect each others opinions, you may not agree.
- Respect VF ToS.
- D0 n0t typ3 lyk dis. It's annoying to read.
- Be active please.
- We'll do regular cleanouts of inactive members
- Do not double post, because that's just annoying.






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