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Welcome to ProfileDesign101
This is a teaching cult for (x)html, css and graphics. Basically everything you need to know to make your VF profile look pretty! Please don't ask for someone to make your layout/ banners for you- there are many cults that will do that, but this one is for people who want to learn to do it themselves.

You can find a lot of useful codes and tutorials on the [ PrintedExistence ] website, but you are welcome to make threads asking any questions.

Please observe vfs site rules, and be polite.
The Staff
[ ElectricStorm ] - owner {resident smartass}

[ Kryss ] - root {code expert}

[ Un4Given-Goth ] - admin {coder expert}

[ Possumboy ] - admin {shiny new code expert}

If you want to be considered to be staff, please note that I'm only looking for code/ graphics experts for the time being. If you think you qualify [ Inbox Me ] with a bit of info on your skills. I'd also like to be able to get some idea of what you can do, so please don't apply if you've never posted any help/ advice in this cult.
My Banners
If you'd like to link to me, I'd appreciate it lots. This is in no way required to use the cult! These links are to my website (which this cult is designed to promote).

To display my full sized banner, which looks like this except bigger (400 x 100px):


Or you can use a button:



If you prefer to link directly to the cult, you can use the code below for a ProfileDesign101 button:

If you want to affiliate please drop [ ElectricStorm ] a message. Sites/cults do not have to be html related, only readable and non-offensive. You MUST link me back or you will be removed.

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9th August 2008
New Staff [ Possumboy ] (code expert).

27th March
Brand new
[ Cult Generator ] over on PrintedE. Go check it out!

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