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Created on: January 04, 2010

welcome to losing-weight

Obesity is arguably a leading health problem in the world today. Many people try to solve their weight problems with the latest weight loss fads. Not understanding the most successful way of weight loss is simple: exercise and eating right! This cult is to be used as a tool. We are here for support and encouragement. No one is perfect, we acknowledge that. If you would like to better yourself in some way, we are here, going through the same struggles.

You don't need to be overweight to be in this cult. This is somewhere for you to share your problems, whether it be weight loss struggles, or an eating disorder. We're here to support you. Everyone is welcome.


+ Being overly judgmental is not allowed. We help promote encouragement. If you can't understand that, you will be banned.
+ You are encouraged to post in the introduction thread.
+ Please post new threads in the proper sub forum. We like to keep this cult organized as possible.
+ You must have 10 POSTS to post a Weight Loss Journal/Diet Log. If you do not, it will be locked until the number is reached.




September Challenge

This month's challenge is to participate in The 30 day Water Challenge Click here to view the challenge and update us on how it is going for you! Happy Exercising :)


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