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Created on: January 26, 2014


Welcome to Arendelle, this is where your dreams will come true. Or at least almost. This is mainly a University town, but because of the beautiful nature and cozy environment people kind of never leave the city, so it's now bustling with life. At our University you have a varied array of subjects to major in and the best teachers are only waiting to help you succeed.

The town is buzzing with life as the university only grows bigger and people need places. In town you'll find everything your heart desire from coffee shops and cafes, fitness centers and classy shops. If you don't find it in Arendelle you won't find it anywhere. We're a happy town who wants happy habitants, but every town has their secrets. The biggest one, elementalists and human beings living side by side, not causing trouble for one another. Of course, with the sudden appearance and things magically changing it's not always peace and quiet in this little town, but you'll get used to it eventually. Come enjoy our lovely little town!


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