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Have you ever been so angry that you wanted to scream?
Want somewhere to rant when you're mad? Somewhere to let off steam?

Anger is here for you and all of your ranting needs.

Feel free to post your rants and raves. We may be able to give some
advice or just rant along with you.
We are here for you!!

Official ANGER Invite!
Copy/Paste this into the comment area.

01. No discrimination. Anyone that decides to will be banned and deleted from the cult!

02. Do not post any racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced imagery. This is a SFW board.

03. If you are upset with someone in particular, don't post private or personal information.

04. Breaking any of those rules will result in Getting your Ass Served.

05. You will be flamed if you post what is deemed stupid in the Basement so you have been warned.

06. Please only rant in Unleash the Fury


Beware of R31GN and Xeni. They will tear you apart.

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