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Welcome to Academy.
We pride ourselves on being a true beauty cult with the highest standards on this site.

The application process is short and sweet, and your acceptance is based solely on your photos.

Our search is for true beauty, to find the gorgeous faces of Vampirefreaks.

We have taken the concept of Beauty Cult back to its roots.

Having been inactive for a number of years, Academy is now on its way to reclaiming the top spot for all people beautiful, creative, and talented here on VF - as we've evolved we are taking our core values and moving towards becoming a space where people in the beauty and fashion industry can come together and be inspired.

So watch this space!

Steps to apply:

[1] Open a new topic in the "Applications" subforum.

[2] Entitle it "YOUR NAME's Application"

[3] You may post up to 15 of your best photos. Salutes are required and should be your first picture.

[4] Number your photos.

[5] If you are rejected, you may only re-apply after one week.

[6] Please do not post in your app unless you are asked a direct question - more feedback / chat can be undertaken in the Applicant Chat thread.

[7] Please do this.

  • Application advice can be found here
  • How to apply (detailed) here

    Follow these steps above to apply and gain moderator status. At this point you will be able to see all the cult threads.

  • New contest winner:
    LordVoldemort | Best Body Shot

  • New contest winner:
    QTPi | Best Beach Picture

  • New contest winner:
    QTPi | Best At Work

  • New contest winner:
    dingelientje | Best Winter Theme

  • New contest winner:
    Gemmer | Short Hair

  • New contest winner:
    Schok_p0p | Theme: 7 Deadly Sins - Lust

  • Congratulations to our newest members:
    StrangeOne and PureBlood!

  • Congratulations to the following contest winners:
    Best looking out of window | QTPi
    Most creative makeup | Schok_p0p
    Eveningwear | LordVoldemort
    Negative Space | Schok_p0p
    Best in the woods | Ambellina
    Best wearing glasses | Gemmer

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • New contest winner:
    PornFlake | Best Lips

  • Congrats to our two new staff members:
    SillyRabbit | PornFlake

  • New contest winner:
    dingelientje | Tribal

  • New contest winner:
    dingelientje | Filtered Photo

  • New contest winner:
    MyFragility | Wigged Out

  • New featured member Schok_p0p - Go show her some love <3
  • New contest winner:
    SillyRabbit | Cutest Couple

  • New contest winner:
    Schok_p0p | Spring

  • New contest winner:
    LeahHorror | Best Duckface

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • New contest winner:
    MyFragility | Blue

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • A big welcome back to all the returning members to Academy <3
  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • New contest winner:
    dingelientje | Then and Now

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • Congratulations to our newest member:

  • Congrats to our two new staff members:
    PixieVenom | LeahHorror

  • Apply to be a staff member for the Academy - New Era here
  • Updated members box to reflect current members. For new photo requests, please inbox Ambellina or request it in cult.
  • Cult layout edited to make the process of changing it easier. Also updated cult information and related threads.
  • Academy re-started for the New Era. New staff members will be placed shortly - watch this space for the new application process!
  • New winners for Best Hair and Best behind the scenes shot
  • New featured member: WonderlessFemme (Sheska)
  • New staff members: Dark_blood_tears and RutaEmilija
  • FM; AutumnRose_x
  • New staff member: Maksim (DorianGray)
  • New layout by our gorgeous Nicki (Atrox)

  • Cult back up after the site blip!

  • New staff members; Kemikillz and Sado_Erotique

  • New layout courtesy of Atrox.

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