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About Angelspit

This is the Official Angelspit Cult

A riot grrl with a vocoder and a cyberpunk with a distortion pedal. Thick and rich with burning analogue synths and contempt, driven by beats like shards of metal and glossy with pvc and sweat, Angelspit is a Sydney industrial/electro duo to watch out for.

Since forming in 2004, Angelspit have taken their energetic live show throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe supporting bands such as KMFDM, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, Crüxshadows, Ayria, Tankt and IKON.

With their unique blend of industrial, rock, noise, metal and a touch of pop, Angelspit are forging a new style in cyber punk locally and internationally. Now with the release of their debut album Krankhaus, their sights are set on annihilating audiences and putting the aggression back into industrial music. Krankhaus features 14 tracks of blisteringly fat synths, with angry distorted beats and scathing vocals, evoking themes of horror, medical experimentation and the beautifully grotesque.

Angelspit's complex, rich and disturbing imagery enhances the sinister overtones in their music. This nightmarish aesthetic is the core that drives Angelspit's imagery, music and live show.

US record label Dancing Ferret Discs signed Angelspit for USA and European ROCKness.

After touring East Coast of the USA in Feb/March 07 supporting the Crüxshadows and Ayria, Angelspit are now based in Berlin Germany. They have played at festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Castle Party (Poland) and Summer Darkness (Netherlands). Angelspit also toured Australia in 2008 with Japanese band, Baal.

Angelspit are proud to be a member of the Crash Frequency Collective.

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