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About the Cult
This Is A New Cult Dedicated To Pierce The Veil. All Pierce The Veil Fans Are Welcome And Would Be Happily Accepted. (: Please Please Join ! In Need Of Roots, Admins, And Mods !!

New To Liking Pierce The Veil? Here Are The Basics. There Are Four Members To This Band, Vic Fuentes/Vocals, Mike Fuentes/Drums, Tony Perry/Guitar, And Jaime Preciado/Bass. They Orgin From Southern California. They Have Two Albums, A Flair For The Dramatic And Selfish Machines. They Are A Post-Hardcore Band And Have Collabed With Jonny Craig, Jeremy McKinnon, And Brandon Bolmer(:

Join Join Join! You Can Expect Contest, Games, Merch Notifications For Those Of Us Who Like To Shop Online, New Banners All The Time, Concert Dates! And If You Suggest, We Will Add It To Our Cult!
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