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Generation-X Member's Area Rp Requests X-Mansion New York City Drabbles




• Training is in session! Pair up with a fellow X-Men or Justice League member, and hit the Danger Room in the X-Mansion to brush up on your field training!

>>> 500 pts per completion.
>>> This is a Role Play Mission.

The Brotherhood

• It's time to bring on the fresh meat. Magneto expects you to break in the new recruits. Do not disappoint.

>>> 500 pts per completion.
>>> This is a Drabble Mission.

Major Alliances [IC]


Who Can Join: By Approval
Who Can View: Only Members
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Greetings from X

A crossover and original character roleplay cult

The year is 2026 and Gene X has progressed across the planet. Those who pose a threat to the mutant species have made their hatred known. Acts of war and violence have spread like wildfire, and it would seem not all mutants wanted peace. When a demon force began manifesting in the heart of New York, mutants and humans alike began panicking for their safety. The Sapien League would not back down in their efforts to see the mutants destroyed, but that would be the least of their worries. Finally a rift had broken through, and a demon broke the time frames that divided the universes. Causing more than just mutants and humans to press through the void. The city was chaotic, but there was no where else to run. Earth was decaying in all of the madness, and it seemed New York would remain a beacon of hope in the eye of the storm. Where will you stand in the war of the century?

Current Events

Trigon has finally showed his face in New York City and has not wasted any time at burning down and destroying monuments of New York. The more destruction he caused, the more warped the city had become. Portals have caused permanent damage, bringing pieces of Gotham, Metropolis, and other cities to overlap on the streets all around, but what's more troublesome, is the ominous presence that circles the entire state of New York. Nothing but ruins, fire, and a horde of enemies ready to overrun the city. Where is hope, when the impossible seems overwhelming? All allegiances are after the help from the Phoenix, in hopes she can rival Trigon, but it's uncertain what the entity has in store, as she and Jean both struggle to regain control of the very vessel they share. What all have failed to realize is the weapon needed to defeat Trigon has been within the hands of the X-Men all along. Perhaps it's time his daughter comes out from hiding?

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