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We have 7 different Clans:

  • The Pack[Lycans]
  • The Dragons
  • The Lamia [Vampires]
  • The Atrum Angelus [Demons]
  • The Shapeshifters
  • The Faeries
  • The Angelic

Our clans are a way of classification.

You can be more then one character but the one you use most will determine the clan you choose.

We again extend an invitation to you all to join our cult and come and enjoy the activites and rps that go on within.

Your first post is to be in the Intro Thread

Respect one another

Respect the staff [their decisions are FINAL]

All bans and deletions are final, except in a few select cases and with good reason to appeal the decision

Make sure you are aware that the other poster posted in the thread lately, and what they have posted [don't ignore people :p]

If you are inactive, you face deletion, but if you post in the activity thread you will be saved from deletion

Correct grammar is appreciated

You cannot kill another character unless given their permission or he/she deleted his/her profile. If you intend to kill off your character, please notify the others involved first (ie. your family & mate)

Controlling a character other than yours is NOT ALLOWED unless nessasary and given permission from that person

Try to post at least 2-3 lines. DO NOT post just a few words.

If you are going to make a thread, be sure to make it suitable and user conscious [some people in this cult are under 16 years of age]

No double posting.

If you have something to add to your post, edit it, but don't post again until someone else has posted.

NO God-Modding or Auto-Hits.

This means that you cannot dodge and block all attacks, you can not land all your attacks[give someone the chance to defend themselves], you are NOT all-powerful and you are not a 'God'. We don't have a level system here, so who's to say who's stronger than who? Everyone's equal except for staff,and even then, these rules go for staff too.


Well for starters my name is only given out to those of whom I trust. Secondly I go by my most commonly used nickname, Thorn. Now about me, I was born October 29th, 1990. I am my father's daughter and my father is a United States Marine who served in Vietnam. I also have my father's temper/attitude so beware in pissing me off. I'm about 5'7 w/ reddish brown hair and green eyes [which are naturally dirty blonde and hazel] and my attitude and way of dress and life.. is just..me.. i don't label myself i'm just me and wear what ever I want when I want. If you dont like it tough shit thats your problem not mine. My goal in life is to become a Forensic Lab Technician. I love science and enjoy helping people. I love watching shows like NCIS, CSI, and Forensic Files because I love mysteries and solving problems. I'm currently going for my Associates of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. I'm plan on majoring in Bio & Chemical technologies and minoring in Criminal Justice & Forensics. I have a long hard road ahead of me but guess what? I don't care. I've dreamed of doing this for over 5 years now and nothing is going to stop me. Need to know more? Check out my profile and read through it, you'll learn something.

Thorn Loghan Bio:

The Lamia Leader and Alpha Female, Lady Thorn Loghan, mated to the Angel Leader Michael, is a very unique and mysterious woman. She is honest, kind, faithful, and true. She is one woman you dare not cross on a bad day. The Lady is one who can tell when something is moving, about to happen, and easily read. When her crystal blue eyes flash to red then you know something is about to happen. On occassion you will see a dark black wolf lurking about the Manor, that would be the Lady herself. She chose long ago to shift into a creature she had both honored and adores, the wolf. When a wolfess with beautiful black fur, crystal blue eyes, and red scars on her mussle and forearm, and a rose wrapped in barbedwire on her hind leg [which is actually a tattoo on the Lady] comes your way don't be alarmed for she is most friendly. She fights for what is right and will protect those she cares for. Though she is an honest and true person she is one person you do not wish to have as an enemy.


I'm Baz, a British male currently studying programming at university Im twenty and a Scorpio. I am Studying Batchlor of Science in Computing (Software Engineering) and do web-design and scripts to boost my knowledge (XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.0, Javascript, Java, C#).I also do music editing and graphical work for sites. My Pc is homemade and is my pride and joy. I am a geek. If you have a problem with that then hit Alt+F4. You will most likely find me rooting through some code of some sort and yes i do help people but don't expect me to help you. I mainly help friends, but you can always try. I despise the way the world has become. Females acting like wenches to try impress men. Men treating women like personal toys. It sickens me. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I much prefer intelligent comments then about my profile. I know my profiles good. My Flash was better, but as web designers know. Design for the whole audience. Not just the elite. If you do challenge my opinion though be prepared to be challenged. I will not back down unless proven indisputably wrong. My opinions are rarely proven wrong.

Baz�s Bio:
[Image to come later!]

The Lycan Leader and Alpha Male, Baz, is very unique. He is not afraid to tell you what is on his mind. He is honest and you can trust he will never lie to you. He is one male you do not want to cross on a bad day. [MORE TO COME LATER!] font>


My name is Michael aka Wolfberg. i'm 21 years old, I have blond hair, blue grey eyes, i'm 5'11", thin to average body build, 136 lbs. I'm the Son of a United States Marine. i am a good guy and u can ask any of my friends and they will all say/tell u the same thing...i think. Since i am a soft spoken person my actions tend to speak for me at times, but dont judge me unless u take the time to get to know me and understand what my own problems are, after that i dont care if u judge me or not. I'm currently going to school for Criminal Justice. After school i am planning to join the military to become an MP, hopefully, but kinda doubt i will since i have an allergy that doesn't allow me to join...sucks to be me. This is my third account, my second account was SeraphimWolf, I was on the top rated guys list until my account was hacked and deleted while I was on it, I was the 8th rated guy on the first page of the list. now, i'm back at the bottom. I have only one good skill and that is being able to snipe things, yes with a rifle, I could probably be a sniper in the military if I wanted to. but i'll pass atleast at present, who knows I might change my mind. i have a couple of nicknames, my parents call me Spike cause of my hair, my friends here on VF call me Wolf, and my nickname for myself is Ryuusei. I have no idea what else to put on here...guess i'm a very un interesting person, oh well guess i'll just suffer and deal. if you have any questiosn for me or just want to message me to talk, go ahead i will respond back as soon as possible or add me on aim or msn...best choice would be msn but i am on aim once in a while.

Michael�s Bio:

The Angelic Leader Michael, mated to the Lamia Leader, Thorn Loghan, is far more then a leader but a warrior. He will fight for what he loves and for what is right. Honest, trustworthy, brilliant, are among the few words used to describe him. He doesn�t sit behind while his friends and family are in battle he is right along side them as a true Leader and warrior should be. [MORE TO COME LATER!] font>


Kyle, Shadow, Dante, That one dude. Call me what ever you want as long as I know your talking to me. My name is Kyle I live in a black hole in the middle of Texas. I am 20 years old been part of VF for a long time, in fact this is my second profile my first one got deleted, and this is the second cult I was ever in. The fact that I have become staff and a clan leader is a little new to me so if everyone can work with me I will try no to burn the cult down. I work full time so for the most part I am on in the morning if I am not sleeping and late at night so I tend to be on when the rest of our members are not around. My girlfriend and I live together and we just had a child together who is the most amazing thing in my life. I will do anything for my little one and she will always come first, in fact she is the reason I went poof for a while. Now as for our age I know we are young to have a kid together so if anyone has anything hurtful to say about that please don't I get it all the time here in my town I really don't need to hear it here too. Now if someone would like to see a picture or ask about her I will be more than happy to answer. If you have RP with me you will understand how I am personally because every person I RP as is me for the most part. The only thing I leave out is the fact that around my friends we are pricks to each other. Now I was never good when it came to talking about myself so before I make myself out to be a fool I will end this. One last thing if anyone ever wants to talk to me or get to know more about me send me a question in my inbox I will answer as fast and as best as I can.

Shadow�s Bio:

Shadow is the newly appointed demon clan leader. After being in the land for years and being the oldest demon with only the demon clan leader passing him, it shouldn't have been a shock when asked to become clan leader. He has always gotten strange looks from other races and more so from his own than anything. He is a rare thing among demons, he doesn't mind showing his other emotions, in fact the pure rage and destructive side of him hardly ever comes out. After being around for so long at one point or another Shadow has had a family member in every clan including an Angel brother. Easy to spot because of his large white tiger form Shadow has never been one to turn others away that want to talk to him and is always willing to have a good sparing match. Once he finds a good friend, one that could be considered family in his eyes, Shadow would give his life to protect them and his clan members. If you spot him please go out and talk to him, after all he is only a demon.


Well now figured I might get this thing up (finally) my name, real name I�ll not tell you unless I know you�re a trusty person. So for now just call me either Sian or Kam they are my nickname�s And I actually prefer them anyway. I live all the way in the backside of Australia, okay so it�s more the beach side but who�s looking for me really?! I�m studying for my bachelor of Arts in Writing through Griffith University (though it�s distance education so I get to sit at home in my own time not in crappy lectures), I already hold a Diploma of Professional Writing up my sleeve along with many animal certificates before that.
So yes as you can already tell I�m striving to be an author/novel writer, whichever you�d like to call it, feel free to browse the links on my profile here on VF to see my upcoming books!! I also work in with animals, at the moment it�s cats :3 I work at a local cattery called Kumfy Kats Boarding Cattery (where THE Dr. Harry got his chocolate Burmese from). It�s a great place to work and it�s super relaxing, but it�s also a pain cause I can�t take them all back home with me...not enough room.
I love anything to do with crime, murder mystery, horror/thriller. I live for it! Especially when it comes to Kathy Reichs <3 her whodunnit�s are epic, and to have them turn into an even more epic TV show (Bones) is utterly awesome...so be warned I know many ways of how to get rid of people if they annoy me, just kidding I�ll only chew your ankles. Same goes for my friends I�m rather very protective of them, they are my furry kin and I love them to bits, life would be boring and lame without them and I owe many a great deal of thanks and all that stuff too much to count.

Kam�s Bio:

Kamduis was born the fifth pup of Luna and Wulf the patron gods to all wolf kind, choosing to leave Cloud Mere she found her way to the Earthen Plane to be with her mortal kin, thus losing her own immortality and ability to return home. Kamduis has silver-blue highlights throughout her coat & along her wings, her eyes are ice-blue & come full moon there appears a silver crescent moon upon her forehead. She holds powers of earthen elemental magic, healing powers and she�s also a telepathic and can teleport across great distances, these powers were passed to her from the Lunar Palace upon the 6th moon cycle of her life and stay with her even though she�s no longer immortal. Kamduis is level-headed, calm, kind, respectful and never has a bad word for any creature or judgement on them unless of course they are truly evil and then she does what any would do. She has only had two mates in her life and both have been female, she does not see males as potential mates but she will stand tooth and claw with any in battle honourably.

The Lamia

The Lamia(latin for vampire) are the dark creatures of the night.They are gifted with beauty and elegance and can easily manipulate their prey. Their thirst is lost by the "tri".

  • Purebreeds - Easily able to control their thirst
  • Purebreed - Has a limit but can go very long periods of time
  • Filthbreed - Must feed or will lose sanity (lossless)
  • Lossless - Mindless thirst creatures(never to return)

    Each vampire is given a gift but it depends what level they are at by the "tri".

    Thorn. Owner. Alpha. Leader of the Lamia

    Thorn was born in the the mid 1600�s on a small farm. She has 3 siblings a younger brother and an elder brother & sister that she would spar with. Fighting and wrestling around with her siblings taught her to be strong. Her and her brothers, Caex, use to train with swords/knives/daggers/etc and she has become an expert with daggers. Shadow taught her defensive tactics and trained her from when she was young. She never stopped teaching herself of anything and everything she could think of. Thorn and her sister, Melody, use to travel to the town and learn many things whiel there. One day Caex and Shadow went with them and they were attacked. Thorn was dragged off while her brothers and sister lay unconsious on the ground. She later awoke far away from her farmland home to find her world turned upside down and that she had been brought into an entirely new world by a male she never got the chance to meet. She later found out she was the Leader of the Lamia. For the male who created her, had been attacked and killed weeks later. {Thorn is a Shapeshifter}

    Vampire Ranks Lamia Leader [Thorn]

    Lamia Commander [El Cid]

    Lamia Advisor

    Lamia Elder [600+ posts]

    Lamia Warrior [100-600 posts]

    Fledgling [0-100 posts]

The Atrum Angelus

The Atrum Angelus (dark angel in english) are the demonic creatures of the night. They usually use the technique of shadow whichconsumes light and any other elements.This technique is used alot among the demons but they also have other techniques like arial assaults and other tactics.

The Atrum Angelus was founded by Draco once he had seen Lucifer fallen from the war.He and a small group of fellow companions decided towreak havoc in other realms and demensions.They are friendly creatures if you are a familiar to them. If you control light or not respect them then you will be warned by them and eventually terminated.


Demon Ranks

Demon Leader [Shadow]

Demon General

Demon Advisor

Demon Elder [600+ posts]

Demon Sentry [100-600 posts]

Demon Messenger [0-100 posts]

The Pack

A lycan is a person who's body is genetically mutated by the lycantropy virus. If the person suvives the mutation process they can shapeshift into a wolflike creature. In the Medieval Times is was said that the full moon was needed to Change, but this concept was rarely associated with the werewolf until the idea was picked up in the early 17th century. "Changes" are needed on regular occasions or the body forces a change. This is dangerous for the lycan as they risk discovery and pysical injury. Runs are also impotant both for developement and to feed the natural instincts to hunt and run. There is a main gathering of lycans known as "The Pack". The pack is the only lycans to own territory. Lycans out of the pack are known as "Mutts" and survive on there own, monitored by the pack for any mutt bringing attention to themselfs. The Pack are housed in a manor with twenty acres of forrest sealed off from the public. A safe place to run.

The Head of The Pack is Kuro

The Pack Ranks

Pack Leader [Kuro]

Pack Guardian

Pack Advisor

Pack Elder [600+ posts]

Packmate [100-600 posts]

Newblood [0-100 posts]

image Angels image


The Angelic

Angels, the followers of good, healers, warriors, guardians, protectors, crusaders of light, called many things by many different peoples. What ever it is they are called they are still the soldiers and protectors of good. We however have been trusted with more then just defending those from darkness we have been given the freedom to live on this world to live as we choose. We are the Guardians of this place sent down to protect the very place and group we call home and family. We are an Angel Legion, part of the 1st company of Crusaders known as the Burning Wings. We are a group within a group being able to decide for ourselves what to do without having to get the go ahead from our King and God. We live our lives like mortals, like the rest of the world and its many races, but no matter what you call us we are still angels and we are veterans in combat and in the healing arts.

Michael Leader of the Angels



Angel Ranks

Angelic Leader [Michael]


Angelic Sentinel


Angelic Advisor


Angelic Elder [600+ posts]


Angelic Soldier [100-600 posts]


Cherub [0-100 posts]



The An bhfuil s�

The An bhfuil s� clan is made up of diffrent kind of mythical creatures,consisting of faeries, unicorns, centaurs ect. Long ago when the angels revolted, God ordered the gates shut; those still in heaven remained angels, those in hell became devils,and those caught in between became faeries.Some have been thrown out of heaven, not being good enough,but were not evil enough for hell.

This may explain the tradition that they had to pay a "teind" or tithe to Hell; as fallen angels, though not quite devils, they are subject to the Devil.

But faeries (even though they are sometimes precieved as) are not evil,they are gentle, kind and beautiful beings. Often mythical creatures are chimeras, a combination of two or more animals. For example, a centaur is a combination of a man and horse, a minotaur of a man and bull, and the mermaid, half woman and half fish. It should be noted that these were not always intended to be understood as literal juxtapositions of parts from disparate species. Lacking a common morphological vocabulary, classical and medieval scholars and travelers would attempt to describe unusual animals by comparing them point-for-point with familiar: the giraffe, for example, was called cameleopard, and thought of as a creature half-camel, and half-leopard. The leopard itself was so named as it was historically believed to be a half-lion and half-panther. This etymology has been kept until the present day, despite its zoological inaccuracies.

Sara The An bhfuil s� Leader

Sara started her life as a mortal, some in that time of her life would have called her a witch, some would of called her a healer. Sara's life ended as a mortal the day her guardian and lover, thought he killed her. In which reality, kicked started her immortality, having been around for 1794 years, She has seen a lot of different things and watched the world around her change. In her time of being here, Sara has trained with many in the way of magic, hunting, battle and spiritual warfare. Her time here has also allowed her to meet and make friends of all different backgrounds; mortals, creatures, witches and others just like her

Faerie Ranks

Faerie Leader [Sara]

Faerie Protector [Keziah]

Faerie Advisor

Faerie Elder [600+ posts]

Faerie Scout [100-600 posts]

Sprite [0-100 posts]


Shapeshifters, also known as "dopplegangers", have the ability to change form into another person or animal. There are different styles of shapeshifting.One is the literal bodily alteration where the body physically changes, and depending on what the subject is changing into, the different parts of the body will shift, stretch, compress, and expand.A second style is what can be called the 'fold over', where the subject's new flesh forms overtop of their original.In a sense, it is almost as if they are wearing a body over another, and their old form is underneath.The fastest and most convenient type of shapeshifting is the type where the subject in a sense has two separate bodies that they can freely switch between.

The Shapeshifter Leader, Lady Kira, was born with her family in a nice little village. Her family was a loving human family and held her close. When she became old enough to move out she did so, already knowing that she was different. She hadn't told her familty what powers she had to change her form, if she had done so her parents would have sent her to a lab for tests. Kira worried about whether she would die at an earlier age or live a long glorious life. Her human parents have long since past away and she didn't miss them so much since as over time she barely remembers them. She's a glamorous female who came upon a man who had took her in and helped teach her many of the things she knew now. Upon his death he bequithed her the Clan's Leader and the rightful owner of The Lair that while under the rule of Kira is now known as Kira's Lair. Home to some of the most respectable shapeshifters.

Shapeshifter Ranks

Leader of the Shapeshifters [Kira]

Protector of the Shapeshifters [Hayden]

Advisor of the Shapeshifters

Elder of the Shapeshifters [600+ posts]

Watchman [100-600 posts]

Seeker [0-100 posts]


The seekers of Knowledge, Power and Wisdom; Of the reptilian, furred, feathered or smooth skin, fire breathing or other, winged or other - belong here.They are the fliers of the heavens or winged creatures of the oceans, the takers of lost possessions or stolen hoards, and Keepers of the past (And so on).These noble dragons seek no master, but will be satisfied by one Lord, a trust worthy and powerful domineer, but others in this clan are loners.They are seen as vicious towards other creatures because of their past and there experiences, but really little is known about these beasts by them.

Power, Skill, Wisdom and Challenges are what these mythical creatures relish in, so be wary for they do not take things as lightly as others. These dragons may possess the six basic elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Shadow) or if your unfortunate you may stumble across ones that are a much greater threat.They have the will to fly and claws sharp as crystal.


Leader of the Dragons

To be continued...

The Dragon ranks

Dragon Leader [Draco]

Dragon General [Auleulle]

Dragon Advisor

Dragon Elder [600+ posts]

Warrior [100-600 posts]

Drakling [0-100 posts]

Best Colour-Spotted Picture


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POTM of September

Rouge Alpha


Angel Elder

POTM of December



Of the Lycan Clan



Lycan Clan

Lamia House

Loghan Manor