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Wild_KingdomRP is a mass RP cult for Shifters,Vampires,Humans,ect.Here you can live your life the way you want.There are endless possibilities when it comes to roleplay.Please do enjoy your time here.We are a new cult so bare with us as we get this cult to its full potential.

1. All VF rules apply. 2. Mature RPs belong in the subforums marked [M].Please keep them in those thread and out of others 3. All threads must be staff approved. If it's declined, there's a reason for it.Once you fix what was wrong with it then it will be accepted. 4. Staff: Do NOT abuse your abilities. I can and will take them away should you do so. 5. No drama outside of rp. It's pointless, tiring, and irritating. 6. This list can and may be edited at any point in time. 7.Please try to write at least three sentences.Its not easy to reply to one liners.Also make sure that you ALWAYS rp in third person. 8. If people are roleplaying in a thread do not by any means jump into it without permission.It was annoying and just plain rude. 9.You cannot rp until you have filled out all the required thread and until your character is approved by me or another staff member.

Owner: Kenisha

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