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Staff of WhateverYouLikeRP

Whatever You Like RP

We are back in business crew. You love to roleplay? This is the place to be. We are always welcoming new members. All we ask is that you post in the intro, rules, and usertitle thread first. We always welcome your style of roleplay, just make sure that it is VF appropriate.

There are games and contests as well if you'd like to join those as well. We will do photo and drawing contests. This is a place to feel free to be yourself.

We only ask that you do not start drama with other members. If intervention is needed the staff will be happy to oblige.


  • I do ask that you do not bring drama but I will gladly help you with you all problems that need attending too. We all have our days.
    +All VF Rules apply (We don't want to get Banned)
    +Keep all Mature threads to 16+ threads please
    +Use proper grammar and good spelling (Sometimes it's hard on spelling so I understand but i do not want to see you talking lik dis or ThIs aLl the time. It's hard to read)
    +Remember to Post in all the required threads first there are only a few. Should take you less than a few minutes.
    +Do not fight with Staff if they ask you to correct something. It may have a problem with it. And ask to join ongoing roleplays.
    +Have fun, and if you have a problem don't hesitate to inbox me. There will also be a thread request in both general discussion and games and contests.
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