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My name is Luna, or Emma Schaffner (professionally, as it's my real name), and I'm a Los Angeles-based Graphic Designer. On here, I identify as TheWiccanWillow, which I've gone by for about four years. While on this site I design more for fun, I can be hired for design work. And yes, that does mean you'd pay me.

But before we get to the dull stuff, a little backstory. In short, Vulgar is my baby. It's the name of my (currently unfinished) website, Vulgar Creations, and I can be found under that on both Facebook and Instagram. I describe myself simply: as a vulgar person. I swear, I'm blunt, I quite honestly don't give a fuck and I love it, but I also saw no reason why I couldn't work that into my portfolio. If I were a warning label, it would just read "Cunt" in big red letters, but I digress.

I love designing and I'm happy to do it for anyone who needs it. As was mentioned before, I can be hired. There are few things I charge for: cult packages, and professional work (essentially commissions. Posters, icons, logos, album artwork, etc. For any paid work not relating to VF, you need to contact me by inbox or visit my Facebook page. Please realize that while I'll negotiate price, I don't do free work for anything commercial. I understand that everyone has their own stuff going on, but I'm trying to make a living off this. In Los Angeles. Please try to understand that this isn't just my hobby, it's my job as well. Please be patient with any work you have me doing, as I have a life outside my work and this website. Once I've received payment (if it's paid work) you will receive your designs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. You can find my designs in various places on the site, listed in the navigation.

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