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Who Can View: Only Members


You know those weird kids who always rooted for the Villains? Who always hoped that at the end of the story the crooks and the killers would get away? That was us.

Now we're grownups but we still haven't grown out of that morbid childhood fascination. Villains are just so much more interesting, they're disturbed and dark and fun and infinitely awesome. Heroes are a bunch of pussy enforcers of the status quo, we hate them, and aim to destroy them all.

If you're here, there can only be two reasons why: one, you have the same fascination as us, and you're awesome. Or two, you have some sort of problem with us, you're a mindless idiot, and you've come here to bitch and try to get under our skin, in which case I must warn you that you're in way over your head and you're about to get a verbal raping.

Either way, we welcome you to Villains.



Intro Thread
Post here first! It's where you first tell us who you are and why we should care.

Chat Thread
Once you've introduced yourself you can join in on all the mindless chatter.

Vote Thread
Go here everyday! Vote for us in top cults so the Villains can take over.

Banners/Invites/Cult Business
If you have an Invite Banner to submit, or an irritating suggestion, here is where you do it.

Apply for Staff
Want to officially join our crew? Apply here and maybe you'll gain the evil power you seek.



#1. Post in the intro thread before you do anything else. Don't start you're own topic to introduce yourself cause that's so fucking stupid. It's not that hard to just post in the god damn intro thread! So why should you have a problem with that? Huh?! How hard is that? How stupid could you possibly be? Go to the intro thread right now and get it over with.

#2. Staff members have the right to fuck with anyone they want. Don't complain that this cult isn't inviting to members just because someone is mean to you. Any staff member can delete you, or ban you from the cult, they can edit your posts, they can give you insulting usertitles, anything they want just to fuck with you. If you want to avoid this, then just don't be a dumb-ass and they'll have no reason to fuck with you. This is a fucking Villains group, in real-life they'd shoot you in the face, count yourself lucky that all we'll do is make fun of you.

#3. Before you decide to post a new topic, be sure that there isn't already a topic about it, cause then the person who started the original topic will be pissed at you for trying to one-up them, and the rest of the cult will think you're a douchebag.

#4. Type in an understandable manner. We need to understand you, so don't type like a moron.

That's all.