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the history
For Centuries Vidul has remained a peaceful nation. Governed and protected by Emilia Crea and Maximilian Stapân, children of the last two remaining Pureblood Vampire families. In the time of their Reign Vidul flourished as a Nation, eliminating the need for war and famine, the Nation was well protected. However, there were those who believed Vidul should forever remain a Pureblood Nation, wishing to wipe out the humans and half breeds, removing all the impurities from the Lands. When their plans failed they turned against the Nations Sovereigns, and while both sides lost many, Vidul was ripped apart at the deaths of Emilia and Maximilian.

It was left to their Twin Children to protect Vidul.

But opposing ideology tore them apart. While Treznor believed in his parent's long standing peace between the different species and blood status, his sister Corina believed in a world where Pureblood species ran things. The rift between them ripped Vidul apart separating it into two new Nations. Noc'tain: Lead by Treznor is a Nation the follows the ideology of his parents, protecting everyone of any blood status and species. A place where everyone is accepted. Cinste: Led by Corina is a Nation that prides purebloods of any Species above all. It is a flourishing nation of aristocrats that control many of the trades and and markets. They often have half-breed slaves and believe they are entitled to everything simply because of their blood status. It is a place where only Purebloods are welcomed.

In a world left in ruins, where will you side?

18+ || Vampiric Plot/Open to all species || Fantasy || Touch of M/S
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