Who Can Join: By Approval
Who Can View: Only Members


Due to high demand to be in the unit, we are very selective about who is accepted.

Ideal candidates are involved in their local underground scene, who frequent concerts and club-nights where they can pass out promo materials. As well as dropping off materials at local underground stores and hangouts. We are mainly looking for members in major cities who are ages 18+, but we do make exceptions.


Welcome to the official VF Infiltration Unit.

The Unit is a membership-by-approval group of vf promoters dedicated to infiltrating the world with vf propaganda. We use promotional tools such as flyers, sticker, posters, buttons, graffiti, word-of-mouth and experimental techniques. All members of the Infiltration_Unit receive free VF promotional materials, as well as other perks depending on your level of involvement. This cult keeps members informed on current projects and is a place to track our progress.


Upon acceptance, you can request promotional materials and we will send you a street team box that included flyers and stickers.

You must document your progress and keep us informed of what you are doing with your materials, and after we will send you more materials upon request. Members who show their dedication to the cause will earn VFIU points that can be spent on premium membership, featured member spots, discounts in the store, etc...