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Welcome to Enetai

In 2022, the world stood at the edge of what would become the most devastating war in its history. Reports would flood in of nuclear weapons being stockpiled by various countries, riots and terrorist attacks seized every capitol building and embassy worldwide as political tensions grew and grew-gradually to explosive proportions. It didn't take long, just a few short years, for nearly all of modern, civilized society to crumble into pieces-and then into nothingness. By 2038, the world's landscape had become little more than blighted, inhospitable and arid land. Natural bodies of water that once nursed thriving ecosystems dried up, taking flora and fauna with them and leaving our vast world with fewer animal species than ever before. With the conveniences of day-to-day life gone entirely, meat sources unlikely to be found and little land left to plant crops upon, the human population quickly dwindled down to almost zero. But there was one hope for humanity-a shiny beacon, an oasis that would become known as Enetai.

In 2040, the walls were erected, separating Enetai from the rest of the harsh, barren world. Fresh air was synthesized, crops were grown artificially, and what few animal species remain either ended up in zoos or breeding factories for slaughter. Some of the greatest minds in the world gathered to what remained of North America to participate in the development of Enetai, but many died along the way. Because, you see, the elements were not the only treacherous aspect to the world's new state. Outside of Enetai's walls, cannibals roam freely, starving and rapidly growing mad from starvation and exposure. Anybody who was captured by them had a short and brutal life in their custody.

Those who survived-the strong, the bold and the most fiercely intelligent-built Enetai into what is seen today. A bastion of modern technology, the result of so many brilliant minds pooling together for this one great endeavor. To distract the minds of the men and women within the walls from the horrors that lay outside of them, the city was saturated with social media, glitz, glamor and whatever notorious behavior people felt like filming. Online popularity is now nearly a form of currency: if your face is recognized enough, all of Enetai can be yours. The most elite and inspiring are given celebrity status, which makes them immune from persecution for their crimes, and guarantees that their lives are bathed in obscene wealth and luxury. Everybody wanted to be a star, because it was the only way to claw out of poverty at the city's outermost limits.

Well, not everybody.

There were mutterings of a rebellion forming beneath the noses of the Great Leaders-the four men and women who held the others of Enetai beneath their thumbs. Important people began to disappear, never to be seen again: politicians, Entertainers, people from all walks of life, really. Some of them had taken to hiding underground. The others? They'd been forced underground, and killed for their blind loyalty to greed and the selfish Leaders who cared little for the lives of the "commoners." A generation later, the Rebel Fortress stands strong and defensible beneath Enetai's city streets as the city's best-kept secret. An uprising is on the horizon, and the immaculate streets will turn red with blood.

The year is now 2064. New leaders have taken their seats as the heads of Enetai City and the Rebellion, inheriting the burdens of the previous generation's leaders and entering into their powerful positions with their own ideas for the future. Who will survive when these two forces collide?

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