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About us

Welcome to the UK-Goths cult!

This cult is here for anyone in the UK who's into goth. By goth we refer to bands such as Bauhaus and Alien Sex Fiend, not Manson and Slipknot. We really don’t mean to sound elitist by saying that, but VF has plenty of metal and emo cults out there for people in the UK. We also welcome people who are into deathrock, cyber, punk, psychobilly, industrial - so long as you have a little bit of an interest in goth and the goth scene.

Don’t worry about the membership by approval thing; just say hi and we are more than likely to approve you.

Second Tuesday:
-Intrusion, The Cellar, Oxford
Last Wednesday:
-Tartarue, The Intrepid Fox, London
Second Thursday:
-The Asylum, Aunie Annie, Belfast
-Dead But Dreaming, SNAFU, Rotherham
Third Thursday:
-Thursday Fury, The Blackhorse, Luton
Last Thursday:
-Cryotec, The Cathouse, Glasgow
Every Thursday:
-Bad Moon Rising, The Manville Arms, Bradford
First Friday:
-Friday Flock, The Subculture, Leeds
-Inferno, Electric Ballroom, Camden, London -Black Planet, The Bear, Bedford
Second Friday:
-Stripped, The Globe, Newcastle
-Judder, The 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
-Club Lash, The Tunnel, Manchester
-Presecution, Midian, Stockton-on-Tees
Third Friday:
-Salvation, The Great Western Hotel, Basingstoke
-Cornucopia, Speakeasy Bar, Belfast
-Misery of Sound, The Westcoast Rock Cafe, Blackpool
-Blood and Velvet, The Bedford Park, London
-It's A Sin, Royal Hotel, Southend
Last Friday:
-Electrocute, The Face Bar, Reading
-Club Antichrist, Club Colosseum, London
-Vagabonds, The Barrow Boy & Banker, London
-Ara, Sacred Trinity Church, Manchester
Every Friday:
-Eddies, Busk, Birmingham<
-The Underworld, Jillys, Manchester
First Saturday:
-Dead and Buried, The Rocket Complex, London
-The Charnel House, Butlers, Newcastle upon Tyne
-Posession, Sound Circus, Bournemouth
-Heresy, The Tuns, Coventry
-The Alternative 80s, Tiggas Bar, Exeter
-Dark Side of the Lune, The Phoenix Club, Lancaster
-Kreepers, The Old Angel, Nottingham
-Chaos, Bunkers Hill Inn, Nottingham
-Afterlife, The Courtyard Bar, Preston
Second Saturday:
-Ghoul Garden, The Maze, Nottingham
-The Coven, The Hat Factory, Luton
-Darklands, The Junction, York
-Malediction, The Victoria, Birmingham
-Dystopia, The Cavern Club, Bristol
-Acension, Studio 24, Edinburgh
-Electric Dreams, The Purple Turtle, Camden, London
-Reptile, The Minories, London
-Mostly Harmless, Hades Bar, Norwich
Third Saturday:
-The Wendyhouse, Leeds University Union, Leeds
-The Charnel House, Butlers, Newcastle upon Tyne
-Pitch Black, The Appleby, Burton-on-Trent
-Invocation, The Minories, London
-Nightmare, The Old Angel, Nottingham
Last Saturday:
-Pandora's Box, The Cavern Club, Bristol
-Bedlam, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
-Run With Us, Hades Bar, Norwich
Every Saturday:
-Slimelight, London
-Eddies, BUSK club, Birmingham
-Syn/Rexsevoir Rocks/Hardside, The Corporation, Sheffield
-The Dark Room, The Giffard Arm, Wolverhampton
Every Sunday:
Black Sheep, The Subculture, Leeds
Events this month September
2nd - No Kisses, Catch, London
18th - Zombina and the Skeletones, The Zanziba, Liverpool
19th - Screaming Banshee Aircrew, The Shed, Leicester
19th - Divine Incest, Slaughtered Lamb, London
22nd - R O M A N C E, The Third Chapter, London Fashion Week
26th - R O M A N C E, The Playground vs Circa Burlesque, Brick Lane, London