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Happy Halloween to all members. This cult now is officially private. We just accept people that serious will learn graphic & coding or also design lover. Currently All graphic request required post only 100 & layout 200 Posts. We open to all members who wants tutoring. Also some new tutorials, such as basic graphic for members that learn from scratch and layout tutorial especially cult layout. We want to help you to become a designer. All members can participate as a tutor

M. Tutoring graphics layouts MS Coding
Welcome to TUTORIALS. The only one design cult who have real tons tutorials. Its pleace for you who need to start learning or maybe just to increase your skills in design or coding. All graphic & Layout requests here are FREE. All members are designers. Its good place for you who want learn design from scratch. We open to all members who wants tutoring. All members can participate as a tutor
- Respect everyone equally.
- Do not double post.
- Do not bully & harassing other members.
- Do not steal any designer's work.
- Do not start unnecessary drama.
- Do not troll or spam.
- Follow VF's Terms of Service.
- Before post in any sub forum. Please read their rules

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