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Welcome to VF's #1 cult dedicated to the blogging site Tumblr, widely known and respected throughout the world. Here you will be able to gain new followers, find new blogs to follow, engage in discussions, and much more.

In this friendly atmosphere, you will find:
-A variety of contests.
-Ways to earn cult points, which can be spent on prizes.
-A variety of threads.
-Tumblr resources and tips.
-And much more!

So join us today and make your blog known in the community where all of us know what it's like to be outside of the box.




001. All VF TOS apply in this cult.
002. Respect everyone.
003. No drama.
004. No trolling.
005. No spamming.
006. No double posting.
007. Post in the introduction thread first.
008. You must be verified to participate in contests.