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Created on: August 16, 2007
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Therianthropy is a haven for those of us who know what we are but feel alone. It's a place to learn more about what and who we are, to share what we've learned, to connect with others. Please, feel at home here. And if you're not a therian (or Otherkin), feel free to join and look around to learn more.
We don't bite...hard.

1. NO DRAMA. this is your only warning, you will be banned.
2. Post in the introduction thread first, that's what it's for
3. Stay Active
4. No Spamming. this is your only warning, you will be banned (and more than likely reported to administration)
5. Please use proper grammar and full words, no txttlk, 1337 5P34K, or any other such mess. we use ENGLISH here.




our awesome new banner made by Palintology
(if everyone could remove the old wolf banner, it would be great. if you have a question as to why, please inbox me)

We are now affiliated with the following cults if you would like to affiliate with us, please contact me through inbox

6/7/14 - New Background image & Tweaks to layout - darklilone

1/20-Music added to layout

10/1-New Layout and New banners!

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