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Welcome To The Girls Bathroom! This cult is one of the most active female cults in all of VampireFreaks. The_Girls_Bathroom was origionally made in year of 2004 by unending and xXpaGeR. Although, it has become quite active since recreated November of 2007. There are many polls/contests/random threads that will strike any girls' interest! This cult is designed to help girls with their relationships, family issues, school/college issues, makeup, and much more! Very female supportive. There are absolutley NO boys allowed in this cult, which is why it is moderated by Membership by Approval.
1) There is no drama what so ever! Once drama is brough to attention, the thread that is holding the drama is automatically locked by a staff member.
2) There is no post spamming! If you want to make your post count higher, comment threads, don't spam.
3) We do not allow cult promotions! Do not rep your cult in TGB. If you do so, your thread will be edited to nothing, and locked.
4) Absolutely NO rate me threads We're pretty basic, but very much supporting. The staff is not rude towards members unless provoked. Help make this a drama free cult.
Enjoy your stay at The_Girls_Bathroom, and be sure to wash your hands.

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