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Times are changing within the Trivium

Seasons were changing, and with it, Earth had brought upon a stirring within the hearts of the Guardians of Trivium. Azrael, the High Priestess, had awoken from a fearful dream and ran to her husband's side to share what she could only assume was a vision of what was to come. She had seen captive supers being implanted with programs that would force them to be allegiant to the ones who owned them, and far in the south she saw hell being torn wide open at the hands of the Demon Lord who sought out vengeance. This would not do, and Kazmus, the Wise Wizard, had only confirmed when he shared a prophecy he had been given during a stroll through old ruins. The atmosphere had altered, and they both knew what that meant. They could no longer stand idly by while the world around them suffered.

A beacon of hope shot into the midnight sky from the heart of Trivium, and a wall of impenetrable light came falling down in the shape of a dome. Azrael had released a great deal of energy and Kazmus began a stirring to forge a small city within it from the ruins that had once laid at their feet. When all was finished, the light faded around the city, but its protection still remained, just invisible to the eye. A broadcast was sent up high for all to see, a flare of hope, a sign of refuge as Azrael's voice entered the minds of those who could hear, and her words spread across for those trapped within the city. “For those who are in need of shelter, or willing to fight on middle grounds, we will stand with you, and give refuge to those in need.” Once an hour Azrael would shine this beacon, knowing it would draw attention, but uncaring as to who saw. Humans and Supers would no longer fear living within the Trivium, as the Guardians would be there to see them safe, and prepare them for war if necessary.

Cult Lore

They told you the war was over, many centuries ago. The Supernatural, nicknamed the Supers by the Humans had destroyed the world, taking what they deemed to be rightfully theirs. Blood was spilled and innocent lives were lost all at the hands of one Super - Erithan Heartbane. One of the oldest Vampires to ever have lived, he led the Rogues into war and caused the destruction of everyone.

The Humans took their forces and retreated deep within the grounds. They created a new home in a new city. The Humans built an electrical dome that kept them safe, but the humans had lost more lives in the battle than any of the Supers had. Konstantin Salvatore stepped forward as leader of the Humans. He didn't care for peace. He fought back just as hard as the supers did, giving just as much as they did. He became a form of god to the Humans. Sending his soldiers out to capture Rogue Supers and bring them to the dome, with a power suppressant collar around their neck they became slaves to the highest bidder. Humans doing what they pleased with their Game Pieces. Poor supernatural souls who got caught.

Now 2036, a hundred years have come and gone and Humankind has turned arena battles between supernatural creatures into its largest form of entertainment. Slavery amongst the Supernatural is still going strong. More and more Wardens are stepping forward to bid and own supers. The Supernatural are nothing more than game pieces to Humankind. Not every supernatural creature must fight in the arena trapped with a power suppressant in the collar and enslaved, most Wardens allow the collar to be removed. However, Wardens who do place their Game Pieces into the Arena are fully aware their Super might not return to them, due to annihilation. Demetrius Salvatore Keeps the tradition high and strong, allowing Rogues to be caught and sold, while he ignores the acts of those that join forces outside the dome.

However, those of supernatural blood that once followed Erithan Heartbane, now follow a man named Omigaru Ketuiga, A high ranked Demon super who wishes to destroy the Game Piece system and reunite the Supernatural world to it's past glory that Erithan had fought so hard to keep. He's a kingpin in his own right, and he bows to none.

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