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Created on: March 13, 2007

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Welcome to The-Music
This cult has had a rough life in it's 7 years on VF. It's generally a music based cult, but we're expanding. If you've been looking for some where to learn of new bands, then this is it.
Drama is not tolerated here.

  • You must have a minimum of 15 posts before you can start your own thread, less and it will be deleted
  • Do not harass, spam, post blatantly sexual innuendos, assault, stalk, or discriminate (racially or otherwise) here. Also, this site is NOT a dateline. If you want to try to hook up with someone, go elsewhere to do it. If you are having problems with a member please message one of our staff.
  • We want to promote an open minded, and friendly environment to our members. Please feel free to speak your mind, share your thoughts, and show your feelings, but please do so in a young adult/adult fashion. However, if you intend to directly harass or insult a specific person, or group of people, you will be contacted, and repeated violations can result in being banned.
  • The threads are to be kept on the topic of the thread, please don't post random stuff or the wrong topic in a thread. Please put your random chatter in the Random thread.
  • You will abide by any section-specific rules. You will also obey any instructions given to you by a moderator, administrator, root, co owner or the owner.
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  • Respect others and freedom of speech.
  • Do not act as though you are on staff. Welcoming members and various duties are reserved for the staff of The Music only.
  • The staff reserve the right to add to these rules at any time as they seem fit. They are not necessarily all inclusive, and a given situation may require specific interpretation of a rule. Do not try to be an e-lawyer, you will get banned. I don't care if the TOS said this or that, I make the rules as I see fit. If you try to play games by "bending" rules, you are asking for trouble.

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    It's been a rough year for the lot of us, but personally I'm working on a few things to get this place rocking again. We're in need a few good men (or women) for staff as we've lost angelinblackus. If anyone's interested, don't hesitate to let us know.
    Wishing you all a great holiday season. ~Jiliaya April

    This will be one of the last updates for awhile, VF is in the process of cleaning out dead accounts, so staff will be busy with invites.
    "I'm tired of the bitching, I read through a bunch of things and see the same shit, complaining about cult updates and nothing to post about. This is a MUSIC cult, open to everything, metal, industrial, techno, rap. EVERYTHING. If there isn't any threads about bands you like POST some. and stop fucking complaining." - Jiliaya

    Bands are now free to promote themselves in the Promote Your Band sub-forum. 10,000 members now and steadily gaining. We'd like to add that staff do have personal lives and we can't be online all the time, but we are still around. Post and have fun. ~ Jiliaya


    Remember to vote for us. It's been a long time in the making and lot of work, but we've finally hit 11th! Thanks for all the help.


    Happy Holidays from all of us at The-Music! Vote for us by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.
    Our member ranking is 12th overall.

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