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Welcome To Soteria

Welcome to a city at war.

Long ago the Adrasteia built Soteria, a haven for fellow witches and supernatural beings away from the prying eyes of the human world. As the founders of this sanctuary, the Adrasteia have remained its undisputed rulers ever since. Naturally powerful witches, the coven views the height of power to be their rightful perch and rules over the laws and lives of every species below them.

The Bellona have been below them for too long. Witches through blood and practice, they make up for their lack of innate power by being resourceful and clever. Still they are treated as second best, denied recognition and equality, overlooked and undervalued by the Adrasteia. Now, they are determined to take control.

With forced pleasantries and false promises, the leaders of the Bellona are at work forming pacts with any species that will listen. These unlikely alliances have plunged Soteria into chaos. The all-powerful Adrasteia are weakening. The first humans in decades have slipped through the cracks of the city's protective enchantments. And this haven is becoming hell.

Important Characters