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Welcome To Soteria

After the death of the Adrasteia High Priestess, Esme Rollin, the barrier that once protected Soteria and its inhabitants fell, leaving the city in total destruction. From the ashes of the coven, a new High Priestess has been handed the throne, and with it a new line of leaders to replace those that had fallen. Gatsby had succeeded. In what is being claimed as the most destructive witching row in the western hemisphere, a new player has come into town to clean the mess.

Often claimed as a myth, the Night Congress has come to Soteria. Tired of the unwanted attention the Bellona and Adrasteia have brought to the witching community, this Dark Conclave has taken control of the city, bringing back the old ways and ensuring the likes of Gatsby don’t completely ruin the city. Although the covens have been given the right to remain in existence, they are on a tight leash, having to prove their worth to continue to exist as the Dark Conclave ensures the balance is maintained.

Composed of 7 immortal witches and warlocks, the Dark Conclave are known as the strongest, eldest, and most revered magic practitioners. Often tied to the Devil, most wouldn’t know just how close to the Dark Lord these beings are, using his power to benefit his cause. They often use Free Will as the basis of their way, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. In a city at war, and the path set by an ancient evil, where will your story unfold?

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