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Created on: November 18, 2007

Don't worry, we're not either. And that's not important. What matters is that we're the best we can be.

Sweethearts is a cult for people who know that being nice is the best way to make friends.

Here we aim to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere where you can chat, ask for advice, play games, enter contests and enjoy getting to know others.

We're not looking for perfection. We're looking for you, as you really are.

The Sweethearts are real people looking to make real friends.
1. Blank applications will be auto-declined. Don't hit the submit button until you're finished!

2. Be polite. Rudeness will not be tolerated. Posting over other people counts as rudeness.

3. Have fun! Feel free to post your own topics (provided they have a point).

4. Respect staff. If you have a problem with one, message one of the owners.

5. 3 strikes and you're out. Follow the rules, and you'll stay strike-free.

6. Stay active!

7. Post your first comment here.

8. Alpacas will one day rule the world

Yes, we have a very short and simple application.Why? Because we don't want elitists, trolls, arrogance or egotism to stop anyone having fun.

Click here to join the cult and answer the questions. A thread will then be made in the cult and within three days and our voters will make their decision. If you're not successful, we'll message you to let you know.

Everyone is welcome to reapply within reason so don't panic too much. Just show us who you are and you'll be fine!

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