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Suzerain is a Sci-Fi cult based on masters and slaves, in a setting on the cusp of evolving and moving out of the world they are in and into space. The world is ruled by eight Overlords/ladies who control one half of the world called Haki and the eight Counslers of the free lands who control the other half of the world call Derora. All species are welcome from humans to the supernatural and even aliens. All characters will start off as powerless slaves or civilians and grow with in the system becoming Overlords/ladies or Counslers of their own.

Far away in a parallel universe like our own there is a world separated between slavery and freedom. But of course it wasn't always that way. For eons the world was engulfed in slavery with Humans and Supernaturals.

Aliens came to the world looking for a new home as their world had been destroyed by pollution. The current inhabitants of the world did not want to share their world with such strange creatures even though the extraterrestrials were only seeking peace. But as soon as the outer space beings saw how the people of the world they wanted to share was treating their own kind, they started a war in attempt to set everyone free and soon enough the world had been divided between Derora (the free lands) and Haki (Land of slavery). A treaty was made between Derora and Haki that both sides would remain at piece as long as Haki kept their hands off of their free people. Derora was not allowed to trying and take their slaves. But both sides do not oblige to either side, not sticking to the treaty. Derora helps rescue those who want to be free and Haki capture those who step on their lands or wanders to close to their boarders. Both sides know of what the other is doing but have no proof and remain silent about it, in fear of another war.




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