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Like all stories good stories our proud city grew into that even the gods would be envy of. It had everything that anyone could even dream of; being the light around the surrounding lands. Then it happen, the Royal family fell ill and one by one the the neighboring Lords and Ladies came to the city to support the family in their time of need, still it was not enough as the family fell one by met death. As time passed on the Lords and Ladies took over the city turning the one glorious city into a city full of sin. People had been kidnapped from neighbouring lands and sold as Slaves to their new Masters. Susurros Tenebris is now nothing but a playground for lustful desires of its citizens.

Will you rise to the occasion and become one of the highly rumoured Masters, or will you let others kidnap you in the mist of the night. Nothing is ever set in stone, keep that in mind as you start your adventures in Susurros Tenebris.

Can you run from Whispers in the Dark; or will Susurros Tenebris claim your soul?


001. All (site) rules must be followed at all times.
002. All Susurros Ténebris (cult) rules must be followed at all times.
003. Respect all Staff members and Members alike.
004. Correct grammar and spelling is a must.
005. No God Modding
006. This is a mature role-play forum, Meaning you must be 16 years of age or older to join.
007. No pig sex
008. Killing is allowed but both members must agree upon the death.
009. You can be in 2 threads at the same time (unless your at your house as a master, or special events)
010. Do not ask to be staff.
011. All role-plays are in Third Person POV
012. Posts must be six to eight sentences long.
013. Masters can marry whom ever they wish as long as the council approves.

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