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Created on: August 02, 2007
Welcome to stunning bitches :p cult description is still under construction. More stuff is to come!
Just a reminder: Stunning is NOT a beauty cult.
The Name stunning Is simply to stun you with topics discussed, including the epic lulz ones. This cult was once one of the largest on VF and it would be nice if we could get back to the glory we once had. This cult is for anyone and everyone that is somewhat intelligent and Funny in personality. A place to talk about whatever they want and test your wits, starting whatever topics they wish. A place aiming to just feel at home, away from the world's problems and troubles and just have some lulz maybe?. Everyone Here is what makes the cult (yes everyone, not just the staff). This cults purpose is to aim for originality. We were the first to achieve Universal status out of the top 10 biggest cults. This cult has absolutely nothing to do with rating points / comments, etc.

  • All VF rules apply.
  • Don't be an idiot, and type properly.
  • Ciara is the overlord. She loves all the members.
  • No one is above Ciara. Yes, that means you too June. >_>

  • Adding later...

    Banners ^__^ Put one on your profile.

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    We all love girls with dicks. Big, hard, throbbing dicks. AND MASSIVE GASHES.