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Welcome to Stone Hallows

The Best Place to Live in the Wizarding World

Founded by a group of students from Hogwarts during the last Wizarding War, StoneHallows is one of the U.K.'s trendiest places. Teaming with life, it has become a hub for magical and non-magical folk to move to. A place close enough to be in Hogwarts' School District, and yet far enough to enjoy the quiet island life away from the metropolitan areas of England, Ireland, and Scotland alike. Magic is common here, and all those without magic are aware of it, either because their children attend Hogwarts, or because they were born squibs.

As an independent isle, it has it's own form of government, but remains an extension of the British Ministry of Magic. Being so far away, they do tend to get away with quite a few quirks that life in the city can't afford. This hasn't stopped StoneHallows from being upbeat and as modern as they can, while keeping their gentrification under control. Life is simple here, or as simple as they try to make it seem. Like any small location, the drama runs deep.

It's 2024, and though the war is over, there's a darkness on the horizon. Old families struggle to maintain power as newer lines strive for equality. It's no different from the woes of the outside world, a struggle between good and evil played on a smaller playing field. Darkness is no stranger to StoneHallows, but with real estate this good, who can resist?

StoneHallows is an 18+ Role-Play cult.

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