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Ready to be married?

In this strict city, you are automatically married to someone you may or may not know when you turn eighteen. Whether you cheat on your spouse or not you have to live together. You may choose to get divorced, but you will automatically be remarried to someone else. Will you stay with the person that is chosen for you or will you try for something more?


Rules Overall

[1] Respect everyone here. You want some. Give some.
[2] We are here to role play. Don't judge others for how they role play. Come on, we're having fun, right?
[3] Post in the Marriage Thread once your character is approved. Unless they are under eighteen, they won't be married.

Rules for Role-playing

[1] You will start out with four characters, four human characters, then every two hundred posts, you gain another.
[2] Your character doesn't have to be married if they under eighteen. Eighteen and above, we got a present for ya!
[3] Respect your rp partner. Don't force yourself on them. If they don't want your sexy self, go find someone who wants it.
[4] No God-modding. We all have brains. We aren't robots.
[5] Your character can be as many threads as you can handle. Four is the max.

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