Who Can Join: Anyone
Who Can View: Only Members

The Team


Welcome to Sponsorship 3.0, a new era of VF Sponsorship. With a fresh new look, we’ve decided to open up things for our active members of VampireFreaks, and extend the reach of the cult to help cults, and members alike offer rewards.

Here, you can spend VF Points as well as your hard earned Cult Points in exchange for goodies from the VFDT. All you have to do is join, and register your cult should it meet our requirements.

Rules & Regulations

More detailed information can be found in the cult.
Minimum 20 members;
Minimum 500 posts a month;
No more than 10 games;
Point System Requirements (must be approved by Sponsorship Staff);
No double posting;
Minimum of one subforum where members post threads.

Before Requesting from the VFDT...

Please Introduce and Verify yourself.
Do so by making a thread in this subforum.

Sponsored Cults