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Created on: November 08, 2009
Yes. We're skinny.

We are NOT anorexic. We are NOT bulimic.
We are NOT UNhealthy.

This cult was to be created for those who do not fit in those fast-growing 'curvaceous' cults on this site and want a place of their own to have discussions, games, contests, etc. We're here to fight the ridiculousness of people seeing it bad to be thin! A place for the appreciation for slimmer figures and petite shapes!

Everyone is welcome to join, so long as they love slim body types. Even if you aren't personally super thin, we don't mind!

NOTE, THOUGH we ARE a cult full of people who prefer skinny shapes. There WILL be talk which discourages chunky bodies. Only join if you accept this, and will not allow yourself to be offended by this kind of talk.
1.NO Spamming.
3.Stay Active
4.Speak NORMAL don't tlk lyk dis
5.Have Fun
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Comming Soon

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